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In Newport. The News Virginian getting some ink for my printer. I mean know what I was doing and then I walk in and one of the managers come and said you hear about kobee. He died. Like what the hell are you talking about that you'd I I like whatever you're bullshiting me so off I go right back home and I'll look on the news and all the news is all over the place where they look at your phone or replace with this helicopter covered. What's happening? And you start hearing stories about who may have been found a helicopter, you know naturally was a friend of mine. She was supposed to be there with him going on that helicopter. So all the stories start to come out and be like wow and they start to think about it off like a helicopter flying. I mean the tragic I mean his daughter in his arms and other people in every day care known as well and they and you know, you're going to crash and then what do you do them every time I think about it just heart-wrenching understand passing I get that but the tragic way it happened with the daughter and the people on it it just it just Get out of my skin is gets emotional but it's it's very sad and then you're right this year. It's been crazy from Coby to John Thompson. I remember I was at with Jon Taffer as well meme had built a relationship over the years. I mean he recruited me in college to go to Georgetown. I remember when he came to my parents house instead of my mom sharing a big jobs and didn't hear my mom dies on break the page. He was so tall and big whatever but you remember those hands and John Lewis has been a crazy created 2020 and started with Kobe. And you know, that was any idea what this year was going to be like wage is what it is right this point in time, but very sad management and that Legacy will last forever his wife kids. I feel for him for sure. You had to go through one of the most crazy, I guess recruiting battles of all time when you came out cuz you're talking about John Thompson. I know these Smith had to come get you when to see you dead. How did you make that final pick to go to Virginia instead? Obviously your home but still just all the places that you have. I mean, I mean scholarships you think you offered you had may not be the first thing. Well, we could.

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