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Options at CS, global dot EDU. You either retired or not retired for may was the biggest name and the sport of boxing. He can't go nowhere without people notice him. Yes, sir. I'm just saying we're gonna be saying that this fighter is that rapper than we all know kief his drink. He he a new new young young guy in the game. He's just he's he's the new young guy who took over right? After hope was Drake. Over listen. He definitely took over. But I don't know how long he's going to have that chokehold on the game. I really don't another Ricky Martin him count. Okay. So Sean port is fine. Yoga's Aerosmith now, many pack yo many people also felt had a flat performance, even though against ager broder, they did more and let me let me. The fact is at this point, Keith Thurmond's, probably safest fight would probably be many packet, which would be kind of inbetween more like a tune-up at step up tuneup. That can prep them better for the Aeros, Spence and other FIS. Now granted he also feels that this is also the biggest money opportunity, which could also put him in the biggest ace. I'd get a more step up in competition. Become the ace. I get a household name underneath his belt. Get the couch was behind him. And at that point. He will be more in control. This is more of a business move and getting more into this fighting grew in preparation for what would be a big showed on unification. No, I think they can convince back out take this fight because if he beats Thurman it's a clear cut opportunity at Floyd like the writers are writing saying. Oh, wow. The Manny of old is back. He beat the young undefeated, you know, kief Thurman. That's a different story. So yes. So now it puts the pressure on Foy like does Floyd still have what it takes can. He would he be able to come back and be Earl the way that nanny came back and beat Thurman. You know, ninety if you're Manny apple last night, man, you you you try to keep them as soon as possible you'd be you put the pressure on. Yeah. That's a great point. If you many is that the best available thing not name. No think Floyd for him is still the top thing because of the money not name. I mean it Mike Garcia win the year, but Mike Garcia losers. I don't think you put Mike Garcia back in a tough fight that that quick. All right. But if you're pack you out, you got Senate duties, you heard my interview with Tim Smith. They're not rushing back down only fights in November. Do you really want Thurman arrested man, I think their main is better Vail better for him than five dispense or Crawford? Or somebody's other guys..

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