FAA, United States, Boeing discussed on Mark Levin


Calling it. The biggest college admission scam ever prosecuted fifty people including Hollywood stars Felicity Huffman, and Lori Loughlin has been charged in that scheme in which wealthy. Parents allegedly bribed college coaches and other insiders to get their children into some of the nation's most elite schools, the bribes estimated at twenty five million dollars in all the European Union joins other nations in grounding, Boeing seven thirty-seven, max jets, increasing pressure on the US to do the same this after the second deadly crash of the popular aircraft in less than five months FAA administrator. Daniel LL is saying now, the agency's review of the aircraft has provided no basis so far to ground that jet, but Mary skiavo former inspector general of the US department of transportation appointed by George H W Bush joined John how just minutes ago, she said, the FAA is deferring to Boeing in this case and airlines in the US should not wait for the FAA's or. To ground these planes fire Byron airline. Absolutely. I would say we're taking ours. You know off the line. We're doing our expections. We're testing it out. We're doing everything we can keep our passengers safe in the passengers would reward them because the internet's blowing up with people trying to figure out are they booked on this kind of plane can they get their money back. Can they re book can they change and cameras will be allowed in the courtroom for empire actor Jesse smell. That's next hearing for filing a false police report in that alleged hate crime hoax that hearing is Thursday in Chicago. Now WLS traffic at six thirty three. Drive times Eaton's up to lake cook. Twenty one thirty two on the flip. Kennedy twenty-six out to the airport and fifty one on in the Eisenhower thirty seven out to the three hundred fifty three in from the three ninety Stevenson about forty each way between lake shore and three fifty five Ryan twenty eight downtown ninety five twenty six ninety fifth. Downtown extravagant Dayton about fifteen minutes WLS business..

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