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The Paul W. Smith soon what a pleasure and privilege it is. Welcome back, Professor Bob called amazingly and we've been here for many of them, most of them. This is the 24th year in a row that professors from MSU's Department of advertising and public relations Raided the ads on Super Bowl Sunday, They raided national commercials on a scale of 1 to 5 taking note of each commercials. Creative production execution. Message placement and advertising strategy. They also considered whether each and was memorable whether the commercial might prompt a sale in particularly in 2021. Whether the tone was right for the Times Professor. Good morning. Welcome back to the show. Good morning, Paul W. It's always fun to be here and last night was kind of funny. Even though our party was virtual. We were all connected online as opposed to being together thanks to the covert virus. We were all connected. Virtually frankly, I mean, some people went to parties and all of that, but most of us stayed home and if we communicated it was with family and friends. Uh, and over online and we kept our distance and try to keep safe. Best weekend. I thought And and I had to write a column for today's paper, and I had to write it Thursday. So imagine writing about the Super Bowl several days before it happened, But I got it plenty right eye guy said It was kind of a try effective that I thought that the game would be good in that Tom Brady would win. And I thought that the halftime show would be okay and a little eccentric, But people who people like the weekend love did on then, of course, the commercials. I thought we would do Okay, even though some of the big guys like Well, Budweiser didn't bring the Clydesdales, but I thought the commercials were pretty good. Did you think that commercials overall We're pretty good. Yeah, There were some ads that were pretty good as a whole as a group. Maybe a little below average because there were some bad adds, um, the Skechers. Ad with Tony Roma was kind of bad. The only CEO plane, you know the piano in the middle of a field. That was bad we weight was weird was it was just weird, but we had some great ads. I mean, the Eminem's ad was very popular. We loved the Toyota ad with the Olympic competitors. We, um we like the Jeep ad, and that was very emotional. A two minute spot. So that said $20 million check right there to run that spot. Um, but you know what? You know what one of the one of the keys of that commercial honestly. Is that Bruce Springsteen did it and he doesn't do commercials and one of the problems that they've had is some people complaining. The Bruce Springsteen was very political. During this last election cycle, so They're kind of saying, Well, why is he saying Let's let's meet in the middle if he didn't say that during the last administration, but that's that's what you expect. And that's not how you look at these ads. Nor do I frankly. Right. You look at it for what's in front of you. And it was a very poetic well, the cinematography um the good visuals that you know. In the end, though, they had a map of the United States and they cut off the upper peninsula so apparently opened in the in the U. P is gonna buy it cheap. Everybody's a critic. For goodness sakes. It's not the first time sadly. If the U. P was missing, But I think Olivia Francoise did a an incredible job V. This is the guy that brought us Eminem. This is the guy who brought us. Paul Harvey the farmer. Remember that one. I don't remember what the what? The gist of the Clint Eastwood. One was, but he's brought us classic commercials. And I think he did it begin. Well, The Springsteen ad is the iconic ad. Of the game. But there were other cute, funny Super Bowl, You know, humorous animal kinds of things. The Cheetos ad was pretty good with Ash Ashton Kutcher. And Mila Kunis. It was pretty funny, and you know, there were just the will Ferrell. General Motors spot was just cute. You know, you have to. There was a lot of promo up to it. And some of the pro mo's were not as good as the actual ad. And you saw the editor. Well, that's kind of funny. Yeah, it was kind of funny. I did see some of the teases and seeing the entire ad. Made it much easier to understand exactly what was going on. And I did. I did think it was clever. And you mentioned in fact, on my list that I have from you folks on beer talking once again with Professor Bob. Cold image, you, advertising professor. You're number One spot was an auto commercial. The one for Toyota. Kurt McAllister is coming up a little later. And it was Jessica. Long Story and Brian. Give us just a taste of that, Mrs. Yes,.

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