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I didn't realize that that kind of talent existed. Juca level sense. It's stupid of me not realize it if you teams will reach that caliber because people drop out or get in trouble. Individual one have to go somewhere to to regain composure. But the stories of those kids is fucking electric to me. It's a world I grew up around into to see what some of them have to go through. It's like, yeah, no wonder, this kid struggled so much with colleagues. I mean, he went to wonder whether it's going to struggle so much, and then it's also no wonder why you can't help, but listen to players college players wherever they say, hey, money should be a little bit of money should be given to the players here that are making this. Asks loads of money, billions of dollars of contracts and being signed billions of dollars eighty. Got these kids from the streets literally from the streets. Can't even buy shoes playing and making all that money. It's it was something whenever I got into a locker room, it was very, it was just very your whole new world. Now, it's like a whole new. 'cause the locker room is just such a melting pot. You've got kids from millionaires that have had the best coaching in their entire life. The quarterbacks normally normally this Zakho's normally the Caucasian folks that make it have come from the best coaching, the best setup, the best, everything in their entire life. Then the rest of the NFL normally is guys from the streets guys from tough stories. Here we go bang. So then you get them together. Now. Now these are two. Polar opposites at the entire world says, should hate each other. The world is trying to make each other, but in the NFL you have a common goal or team in college. You have a common goals, you kind of rally around each other in. It's a beautiful thing to watch. And if that's what lab. Chance uses our last chance you is showcasing. I'm a big fan of it's very similar to that, but it's almost like they plan it. So it's like the players mutiny against the coaches because both the coaches are very polarizing figure. It's like brash assholes. So like that's, that's a big part of it too is like them saying, just like, fuck this guy. Let's go play for each other. You know, I mean, it's there's a lot of that. That's what we do with Richard. That's what we do have college was like, we were literally almost in spite of rich because he wanted us to hate him them that this last chance you might want to. I don't know. I think they, he realizes that for these guys like you need to be like they need a babysitter. They needed dad, otherwise they're not gonna go to class. They're not gonna wanna come a powerful tactic. That's what her Brooks used in the nineteen eighties miracle on ice team. I'm serious. It's really made the players hate them view. I would say my team when I was there, it was very close to being a juke. Oh, I mean very, very close. We had a lot of guys that had a lot of red flags and the only a lot of guys lost all of their other offers for something they did except for the WVU in. I think rich rod felt that he had to be the way he was because we were very young and very wild. I mean, that was a very true story. I might get into it though. It's wild to see like these schools in like how like the classrooms look like they, they literally have a hard time getting the players just to show up for class at all. They don't have pens or pencils or anything like that, but there is definitely town. They're like, Cam Newton was an Juku school like that there's serving. Yeah, there's a lot of fucking there's a lot of guys been through Juku. I think one of the teams like they ended up getting like seventeen guys get d. one offers after that season ended, the teams are loaded so they go down there..

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