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Issues ice. She was hit it gave her some some issues that she'll probably deal with all her life some neck pain and some different things but she looks back on that and says it's one of the best things that ever happened to her because of what it did to her emotionally psychologically and helped her get over was a catalyst of getting through some stuff that she says I don't think I ever would've gotten through. I would have never faced I would never dealt with but the story goes on about two years later. She got hit again another accident. She got side swiped and and I think there was only two years ago. Maybe not even not even that Fargo that one she's not bitter about but I know she just questions like really really really I don't understand that and she has to fight a little bit of that feeling of of Oh my gosh my is is our target on my car her and a little bit of and she deals with some some fear of driving of Che's even like to go down that road anymore. She says she's not psychotic about it but she says I it. Just it's just bad. It's just some bad. How do we reconcile that? I don't know that she has she believes guides and controls. She believes God allowed it. Did he calls it and did he mean it for for her to learn something that it's a lesson and so many of us can come from that. Maybe we had parents who taught that that. Hey everything's a lesson you know you grow from it and learn from it man. Something's things just hurt some things you serve and especially when you don't think Asked why well here's one Tony Cooper. She lost a business. She said I lost a business and ended up over. One hundred thousand dollars in debt almost was lost our home and many other things I went through pretty deep depression. During this time I overcame it by building a relationship with Christ. My doctor actually introduced me to Christ and told me we there is so much more out there that I need to do. I didn't know that meant what that meant. At the time now. It's helped me more than anything else ever could in my business and in my personal personal life we paid off all the debt from this failed business at six years and a lot of lessons learned along the way we failed and succeeded in business. My husband says we've earned our P._H._d.. In lessons learned in business. I like that one because that's my story. I didn't go to school fairly got out of high school and I I went into business and I had some successes. I had some big failures. I think more of my wisdom if I can say that today comes from what what I did wrong then from what I did right. That's what I'm able to lean on and progress as a result of more so so these days so that's what my wife says yeah. You didn't go to school Kevin..

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