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They'll try and turn it around tomorrow night Sacramento in Towner pregame six thirty John Alan Horton with the tip about seven ten same plan on Wednesday night, Detroit in town quick trip to San Antonio and Oklahoma City Friday night and Sunday night. All the games here on C CEO then on Wednesday night run out of Christmas. The Chicago Bulls at United Center and then Friday night, December twenty eighth at target center. The Atlanta Hawks will be in town opportunity over the holidays to see the timber wolves at target center pleased to be joined by EPA communications, Brad writer and Brad innocent mazing. How quick Christmas is coming up. I mean, we're talking what eight days until Christmas Eve. It's really flying by catcher is and you know, we we haven't had a chance to to be home a whole lot this month. So it's kind of nice to get back target center for a couple of games this week. Obviously about where eleven and four at home. And so we always we always liked to get home in front of our whole out and our fans have been great again this year. And you know, we we seem to find a little bit of an extra gear playing at home. And so we're we're hoping that we can kind of you know, right the ship a little bit this week in and get a couple of wins at home before we have back on the road. Yeah. I alluded to the schedule coming up here between now and the end of the month. There are opportunities for the timber wolves to get on the right side of five hundred, you know, get back to five hundred start there. But you know, there are winnable games between now and the end of the year. If you look at the you know, I was just looking at the standings a little while ago in the in the Western Conference. And I believe if my math is right? I think that there are eight eight teams all within three games maybe nine nine hundred seven three games each with each other between all having records of sixteen and thirteen down to thirteen and sixteen where we're at. So really, it's it's one good stretch or one bad stretch. That's gonna move you. From you know that four spot down to being out of the playoffs. And it's really it's really like it was last year. I mean, we talked about this right about this time last year all the way through to the end of the season. Where just a few games were were separating teams between you know, the third and fourth spot and being out of the playoff in church shaping up to be that way again on the Western Conference this year. There's just so much parody, especially, you know, you know, in years past, you know, maybe we talk about Golden State separating themselves or Houston last year separated themselves. There's not really anybody necessarily separating themselves from the rest of the pack this year. And so, you know, if you get on a good two or three weeks stretch of basketball, and I know I honestly don't think that we've we've necessarily seen that from us yet we played well right after the trade for a while. But I think you know, we still got that stretch ahead of us where we can play well for three to four weeks stretch. And you know, maybe get some separation move up into into that into some solid playoff seeding. Yeah. And it is a long year. You look at a team like Houston who would have predicted. They'd be in this spot at this point. And the season considering what they did a year ago. Yeah, exactly, you know. And they're they're right in the same kind of bull. We are. You know, I said they're having a game gave him a half maybe ahead of us right now. But you know, we're a word nearing where pass the quarter-point whereabout over actually passed the third way point where but thirty games in. I know ten more games are worth the halfway point. So it's not really early anymore. There is a lot of basketball left. They played. But to see all those teams have launched operate kind of in the middle. Like that does give you some some pause for optimism that you've got to take advantage of your opportunities. Like, you said there are some, you know, some games on paper that are winnable and we're coming back home after you know, after the holidays for a nice stretch home games where we are eleven and four and where we play. Well. So there there is an opportunity there. We just gotta take advantage of it. And with all that said, it's still December. But that game with the kings tomorrow night is one that would love to get you know, what the king's ahead of them in the standings. Right. That's one of the teams timber wolves would need to get over to get in the playoffs. Yeah. Very big. Because you know, they beat us a couple of times out there. And so we can beat them a couple of times at home that basically evens the score. You know, you get a win tomorrow night. You're fourteen and sixteen fifteen and fourteen again, you're just within a game of them of them at that point. And then you get, you know, get one on on Wednesday, and you're essentially back to five hundred again right there with everyone mentioned all those eight or nine other teams. All right, Brad. And once again, still plenty of opportunity to get out target center. I know a lot of college kids have wrapped up final exam. So good chance for families to get out and see the timber wolves Monday night. Wednesday Monday wasn't at this week. The one one game coming up a really strong presale four is that Lanta game coming up a week from Friday with the holidays. I believe I want to say it's the twenty eighth of Friday. The twenty eighth that game usually between Christmas and new year when when people are trying to get down to target center and catch a game. Like, you said one families in town if you're. Interested in that game. I would get online at timber dot com. Quick and get some tickets because we're like I said we're seeing a real strong presale for that game as well. Yeah. I got a college kid home from Arizona that said, what are we going to see the timber wolves? So that could be on the radar because she's got to go back on on January six. So we gotta get a date in mind here in a hurry. Yeah. And then like you alluded to there's not many. I mean, we're back on the road again here after these couple so only a few opportunities. Get onto Tim roles dot com dot com and pick out your game for the for the holidays family down to target center for a good time. All right, Bret, always great. Thanks, steve. Very Brad rider VP of communications joining us here on wolves week in review quick break. We will come back. We'll have a rundown of the NFL scores. And then Kevin Lynch will join us timber wolves analyst for Fox Sports north what ails the timber wolves on the road this year they finish Nolan for trip. We'll get cabs thoughts on that coming up. And then of course, busy night tonight, including it's a wonderful life live from the Saint Paul hotel here. Kathak pocket he'll slam it through with a right hand and the three pointers from downtown left angle three by Robert Covington series season, straw, three other shot clock were to follow a baseline shot. Karl Anthony towns all the courtside action on the home of Minnesota, Timberwolves basketball pack together. Newstalk three oh CEO. This holiday tips and wine stories from Paul Kristen and Dexter at total wine and more. Did you know.

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