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Wow that could you imagine how bad your ears would pop liza. Their worries tiffany. Do thousand twelve james cameron. Hey yeah the famous film. Drek filmmaker explored roughly the same depth on a sold low mission. Oh that bothered me and those in does even bother me that much but being alone in a scoop for i. Guess it's not technically it's a sub. It is a submarine but it has a special name to go that deep But then in two thousand. Nineteen victor vis gov made history by becoming the first person to so far reached the deepest part of the ocean at thirty six thousand seventy feet so that deep. The pressure from the water is approximately eight tonnes over square inch. Jets alive why. Why would you do that. How does it survive physics. That's how not much does. I will send you a link to the article. That i found a lot of information and i think in two thousand and twelve was the first picture that they were able to get. I don't remember the details. It was passed a certain depth. The first picture of a living creature. And it's just a little fish. It's not anything to terrifying tiffany. Just it's okay. It's a fish and it was on a say at like twenty five thousand feet or something like that so but it wasn't doing great for the record listeners. Longtime listeners will no new time might not but we judge how uncomfortable tiffany is by how much she folds and on herself. And one of the downsides of recording remotely is. We don't get to watch that happen. So tiffany oh how folded into yourself argue right now. My camera is turning on for you ladies. Oh she's a ball. Oh yep. I'm a ball knees for boobs. Newspapers i have white knuckled my legs right now. She's very pale. And like when i'm not talking my head is down like this. I turned into a turtle. It's bad Well just you know putting it out there. Like i said taking picture the first fish. Just what two thousand twelve dot us about the say. Well no that would be right nine years ago. So as we know the size of the ocean water pressure kind of limit. Our exploration of the ocean little bit. So it's concluded that we've only identified about one third of potential marine life. The it's believed that most of these creatures are smaller organisms. But it is likely that there's some larger ones that have yet been discovered that are either endangered or just so well hidden that we haven't seen them but we're making progress. An average of two thousand new species are discovered each year. How jesus so stay tuned. You never know what you'll wine by catholic benchley in which case twenty twenty in two thousand twenty one would be explained but i think that ca- through would have already made himself themselves. I don't know if not they're like you guys fucked up enough. I'm going to nap for another hundred years. I wanna sit back here. I got this. I'm await so those my very brief. Let's see if i can make tiffany uncomfortable. Factoid of z ocean. You've did a great job. I'm so proud of you. Stay tuned there's more coming. I don't like that. How about we not do that. Okay can i go next do it. Well in a tiffany said hers wasn't too scary. So yeah we'll do it in the end scary stuff done and then tiffany. Ken like bring yourself back to that. Nice little world. She has in her head before she goes to bed..

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