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With other chronic conditions or are undergoing chemotherapy or more likely to have complications now. Complications include bronchitis pneumonia and heart problems. Again she says the vaccine for influenza is one of the best defenses. we have some people. Don't get the flu vaccine. Because they think it could cause the flu. She says the flu vaccine is what we call the dead vaccine. You can't get the flu from a flu. Shot now. Flu mist while safer. Most people contains a weakened form of the virus so people with certain conditions should get a flu shot instead. Dr arden stresses that everyone who can get it should get it. It takes two weeks for the vaccine to work so get your flu shot now and in other news meat. Is it okay to eat it when it comes to heart health or not red meat. Consumption has long been associated with increased risk of diseases such as heart attack and stroke. A new study suggests that meat may not be so bad after all nevertheless. Dr stephen kobetski a mayo clinic. Cardiologists says that limiting red meat in your diet is still important for heart health. He says cutting down on meat. Consumption has clearly been shown in multiple multiple studies to be helpful. He says meat especially red. Meat and processed meat is associated with increased risk of many health issues including heart attack and stroke and that everybody from the world health organization to the american cancer society has said. Don't eat so much process meets. Don't eat so much red meat. People who eat foods based on the mediterranean diet which is rich and whole grains veggies fruits fish olive oil have a reduced risk of many health issues for the mayo clinic news network. I'm vivian williams. Welcome back to mayo clinic radio. I'm dr tom shy. And i'm tracy mccray excess belly. Fat poses higher health risks for some women who were of normal weight. That's right a new study adds to the evidence that belly fat is dangerous. Researchers at the university of iowa who studied more than one hundred and fifty thousand women say postmenopausal women of normal weight are at increased risk of death from heart disease and cancer if they have excess abdominal fat here to discuss as a mayoclinic endocrinologist at mayo clinic. Menopause and women's sexual health clinic. Dr kabore welcome back to the program. Dr kapoor pleasure to be here. Thank you thanks for being here doctor core. So where are you carry. Your excess weight.

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