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Parody. Larry just did a parody of five blind rafts. Had you ever come up with that Lawrence? How long did it take you to come up with that Lawrence? How long did it take you to write the lyrics to five blind rafts? Like, I said what could go wrong today? I've got a perfect day working, right? Yeah. That's like talking about no hitter. Talking about a perfect game in the middle of a perfect game. I'm spending this perfect game. Nobody can catch up to what I'm throwing. I'm having the best day of my life. And then what happens somebody changed it apparently Larry costs, and I take phone call like how the hell that happened. That was a bad choice know, man, what's up so bad choice, really bad idea by me all on that my show my decision. We have my Smith on one more thought about Mike Smith when he got to walk away. Mike Smith was smiling you generally, but he's smiling. And he said, hey, Jim, I got the phone Bob Baffert, Mike rides for Bob. Mike is one a lotta huge races for Bob. Bob is put Mike on the backs of some really good horses. Mike said that Baffert said to him. E said, Bob, I'm going to do Jim Rome show. He goes, great good. He goes, why don't you ask him if he's still chapped about the Breeders Cup? Classic ask him if he's still pissed about that. Baffert things like the funniest thing ever. Like, he's like, you know, I trained for him. Now, I can say whatever I want. That's true. First of all, Bob, Bob, always says whatever he wants and is true. I am partnered in a horse that Bob Baffert trains, and it's a really good horse the one his races, Jamie Roth and her family brought me into that one. But it's the damnedest thing because for so long. I'm gonna answer the question when Baffert says to Mike go ask Rome, if he's still pissed the answer is yes. Yes. Something's really not funny. And then if you wait long enough, the pendulum swings back in is funny, and you can laugh at certain things like it's not funny at the time. But now, it's really funny. We'll give you an example when the quarterback came onto the table not so funny when it happened put really funny right now. Then it's like twenty five years later. Can I tell you something twenty five years from now our horse getting wiped out coming out of the gate? And not winning a race worth a lot of money and probably punching his stick to the hall of fame. Still is not going to be funny. But my man Bob is so rich priceless. It's the funniest thing ever to him. Of course, it was his horse wiped us out. Anyway, that's that's like an ongoing thing. He he thinks that is the funniest thing. Baffert does go ask Rome again if he's still pissed. Yes, Bob, I'm still pissed. I got beyond it you and I are doing business again. But yes, I am still pissed. I will always be pissed. Because it was our horse. They got hammered coming out of the gate by your horse. Oh, and what do, you know, his horse? One clear that's out clear out half the field. And at the time at the time. I didn't say anything. I usually don't is where it is. You know, you have good Asia bad as you have racing luck. You don't have it. We didn't have racing luck that day, but just to answer the question, am, I still pissed? Yes. Is there going to be a time anytime soon run not past no? And I will say this. It'll never be not be funny. But it is kinda funny to me that he thinks it's so funny. I can see my hat that. I guess at this point.

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