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The Tpp a tall order given everything else on the to do list in New York. I'm simply been ashore for market. One might think that Taylor Swift, mega star pop icon, pick your superlative. Has it all. And in a way she does what she does not have. The O is ownership of the master writes to her first six albums. Kind of a long story goes back to deal. She signed back when she wasn't Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift, So I'm just gonna cut to the news. Those rights again writes that Swift does not own Have been sold to a private equity firm for $300 million. Swift, obviously not happy about that is firing back by re recording the music so she can license her own versions. Marketplaces. Kristin Schwab has today's music industry primer before there was old Taylor. Now there's new Taylor. Forget the difference of style or lyrics. New Taylor's voice is 14 years older. Chris Delia Garcia teaches intellectual property law at the University of Colorado. Of course, you can re sing the songs, but they won't be the same fans would have to choose these new recordings over the old ones for them to have value. She may come up with something creative enough to do in her re recordings of these, but it's not all about popularity and plays. It's also about the massively profitable business of licensing for commercials and movies, says Tonya Butler at Berklee College of Music. Forget whether it's called a master or sound recording or musical work. It's an asset. Most artists don't own their music the record labels do they get ownership of the Masters because they pay for the recording's. That's how it goes in the music business. And Butler doesn't think swifts move will change how labels work with new talent who are desperate to get signed? They can say, Well, there's 10,000 artists behind you. We're willing to take this deal. Goodbye. Power moves are reserved for powerful artists. Prince spent much of his career fighting Warner Brothers for his master's, and he eventually got them back. But.

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