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Out there is not allowed here. The kfbk Morning News with Kristina Mendoza and Sam Shane on news 93.1 kfbk, You know, I mean, it was devastating. I am. Kind of person. I am a person who likes to make people happy. Well, that's Ellen, too generous this morning, telling NBC why she is ending her Emmy winning talk show. She's 63 years old ratings have been dropping allegations of the toxic work place and sexual misconduct while she's you know, had 19 good seasons, so she's mountain. So one of the headlines out there this morning is Tiffany had ish poised to take over Helen's TV crown. Yeah, she apparently filled in for Alan on her show, So okay, Well, maybe you can. We'll see if you're a parent. And then I was going to sit down with an interview with Oprah this afternoon. So by tomorrow at this time, we'll We'll know a lot of answers. Bl, IND out tomorrow, this time for sure. All right, let's get outside and check traffic. Brian No. One standing by. This report is brought you by Choose change CIA DOD or got a pretty significant issue on North found I five. This is a little bit past Laguna Boulevard. Got an ax in the teeth. Please. Now on the scene indicated as many as four big rigs are involved here. The right lane is blocked. There's a lot of fluid in the roadway. Sounds like this is going to take some time. This is north on I five. It's about halfway between Laguna and consume this right now you're going to hit the slow down about a half way between Hood Franklin and Elk Grove Boulevard nineties floating, It's all gonna be coming in from l grow of any Have to get on that anywhere Before assumed this. You will definitely want to take highway 99 99 is just down to 15 minutes and all growth two down, two down. All the rest looks pretty good. 80 from Rose. Don't nine minutes to the cap. Cities Foot Nine more on the cap city and your damn town 18 minutes in from Folsom on Highway 50 from Woodland on I five. You do it in 2016 minutes to get in from Davis east on 80 across the causeway. Our lives are filled with choices. Not a choice addiction to opioids. But even with opioid use disorder, you still have a choice Jews treatment and turns change California by medically proven treatment options. That tooth James CIA dot award traffic on the chance every 10 Minutes mornings and afternoons from the capital s traffic center news 93.1 kfbk. Sunny with a high around 89 degrees today. Tonight clear with a low near 55 Tomorrow senate with a high around 85. Then we're gonna cool down even more. And we're looking about 81 degrees as.

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