Bruce, Basketball, Football discussed on The Audible with Feldman & Mandel - 6/20: NCAA scandals with Nicole Auerbach of USA TODAY Sports


Welcome to the audible i'm sewer mandel joined by boris feldman and bruce we have on a great guest today to talk about basketball and other stuff the angela docile it basketball as it relates to our favorite were college football so with that big lofty introduction you throughout the word great it is our gutting the coal our back from the usa today and restore the big and our correct i get i think so okay i like how you referred to it as the usatoday yes that is technically incorrect for is it is it just usatoday though okay sorry sorry apologized so listen now the reason we wanted to have you on a coal big news in college basketball last week and for our listeners who are familiar with your work you cover both football and basketball but you're much more plug into basketball than we are so the big news last week louisville gets its nca sanctions rick bettino suspended for five acc games for was really up a pretty unbelievable scandal and considering in involved prostitutes and strippers and play and recruits underage recruits i think all three of us are a little baffled why wouldn't as a bigger story well i actually thought win this story perot and it broke right before the woman at the centre of the whole thing the whistleblower tina powell wrote like an explosive tell all book which i immediately you know downloaded on kindle and it was a very quick a disturbing read on like that next weekend when story broke i thought he would be kind of the story that like sports talk shows and radio shows would be talking about all the time because it was dairy salacious and involved a hall of fame coach um but he aptly stories that it just never kind of picked up that traction i think part of it.

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