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Here's Tony Robbins on how he defines true wealth. I'm sure professionally it's difficult if ever someone falls up against like Tony Robbins, but I have one of my favorite people in mentors to do that. One of the highlights of two thousand eighteen for me was getting to interview professor at work school business also adviser and strategist for companies like Google in the NBA among a dozen other fortune fifty companies Adam grant adamant, I went deep on how to give feel fulfilled in doing. So but also protecting yourself along the way all allow him to take it from there. Maybe there's this misconception that it's all about hard work. It's all about passion, talent and luck. And and that can be kind of deciphered as serving the ego or taking versus this this idea around giving and you've identified two polar ends of the spectrum. There. Are those givers who who actually don't cheat the success because they're so selfless? And they don't share the deals it's this paradigm that we are always kind of positioned in emotionally and physically it's the differentiation that we try to study from psychology standpoint. So. Knowing that and I've felt this to towards the back half of my playing careers giving us far more fulfilling and you see success at through the light at the end of the tunnel. But what are against some tactics to avoid being the charitable giver that doesn't progress in career..

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