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People in here's the thing a really garage me they give these people these foreigners h one b visas so you're giving people these visas congress here go get these workers visas the eight would be visa program is stupid apprise even more profits for companies allowing them to bring even more foreign workers to fill high tech positions in our our companies here so you're getting rid of even more us employees were the h one b visa program get rid of the h one b visa program so you take in people check positions they're making good money good jobs and your firearm and of bring over somebody from another country to take their position and a person who is making sixty thousand dollars seventy thousand dollars year now goes works starbucks for for twenty eight thousand a year i this is crazy these one v workers are paid less so much less than american workers with the same skills then there are unable to change their job because their visa is tied to the company are you kidding so few come over here you're a slave they tree it like a slave you can't go anywhere so the company gets really you bring someone or and by the way when they bring someone or where an h one b visa you got to train them you gotta trainer the train them or you are you you you don't get a lot of your severance package poised got went through all that so when you hear how great earnings are at the expense of ho at the expense of the american worker so when you hear great earnings is from stock buybacks not from top sales not from certain lifestyle not from creating a good product and uh finding a niche for in selling it and and top line sales are increasing tenny ten twenty percent a year that's how it used to be now the sale say the same thorn silva companies doing twenty million a year and sales it stays at twenty million well how did they get their profit so they ship you overseas they show of nature of your job overseas than they use these h would be visas than they do uh stock buybacks and these companies are in such great if you take a lot of these companies and the sp 500 if you take the big boys about 25or and the the usual you know a boeing and johnson trashing google amazon enzhao home depot mcdonald's adobe pay pale berkshire kick.

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