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Los Angeles who want to spend the weekend your beach they're choosing not to get involved in that and I'm so grateful for the concert because not fighting it in that way but at some point they're going to be forcing us to go down that Avenue I hope we don't have to get there I'm chasing rats I'm filling in for Ben Shapiro if you want to weigh in on this topic and he sent me a tweet under Jason rants J. S. O. N. R. A. N. T. Z. you're listening to the Ben Shapiro show we've got so much more common W. A. B. C. traffic and transit from the seventy seven W. A. B. C. traffic center I'm Tim bottom and starting here on the cross Bronx still very busy seeing plenty comfy southbound from the proctored exit six down to the Alexander Hamilton bridge also slow ride the major Deegan southbound still seeing a crash a right wing taken out of hurting exit thirteen we had an incident as well southbound approaching the GWB rants that disabled tractor trailer has been cleared away but it's still very slow in that area now traveling on the west side highway no longer see any brake lights north bound for the G. to be be the Harlem river drive though that's a busy right about a mile heading up to the George were saying about five to ten minutes company focusing plenty of brake lights here on the GWB upper lower levels about twenty to twenty five minutes of peace no complaints on the outbound side linking up to about ten to fifteen and no problems out the Holland tunnel up to twenty to thirty minutes on the outbound side in the New Jersey to eighty west bound at exit fourteen that's aggressor rightly sticking out over the Stickle bridge I'm tomato on talk radio seventy seven W. ABC introducing the van Heusen never talk collection then Houston's newest lifestyle collection features shorter length always.

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