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The us warning against logic and other chemical weapons attack mattis noted that there has been no such attacks since the white house's surprise statement monday night in that statement the us threatened president bosch are assads government with a heavy price of it used chemical weapons the us as it saw active preparations to use them and mattis wouldn't say what triggered us concerns of an imminent attack do it torrential study shows that president trump's policies have caused countries to have a less favourable view of the us than in the past joining me on the kobus on with some of the takeaways from the study abc's kenneth moton at the white house what are the number show kenneth hey they show that brought president trump powerp will keep our through their unpopular which really should be a surprise with the america perth progress about pew report better survey people in thirty feb a nato favorable ratings whether the a decree pick people are prepared to forty nine percent but really good i revere network carpet have been trump to do the right thing when it comes to international repair twenty two percent compared to president obama quick before per month ago that betty for trump they up on climate change immigration of called people with the code arrogant in our it even dangerous but he also theme of a strong leader and come but you david where the president had the repeat or beckoned big trip or trip picking arpaio you're going to be twenty bummer where you'll be surrounded by leaders from many of the country pervade very interesting study also the president today making a push to get the house to pass legislation the crackdown on sanctuary cities like the one here at seattle and undocumented immigra criminals right intimate back bush president trump will meet with victims of immigrant crime at the white house he urged him out the path to build on immigration that target sanctuary city of community that don't report federal immigration law the other bill imposes copper penalty i give undocumented immigrants who commit crimes get deported and reenter the us tom and the chicago cubs are coming back to the white house worth they there in january when there was a cubs fan an office look when you have a one hundred eight your drought when it comes to the.

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