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We have about in that area we had about five inches during the old growing season and about three or four that came in may and even do need better here was snowfall racing uh two can make up more now actually we did whether it one week i think we had eight inches twice and i think we've that group work into the rain once or twice and so and you know we've had cracks that they can all run in go uh thankful for everything that comes first time i've ever heard of the unhappy about average craxi soak up any groundwater surface water there is a son of a gun will take it when we so tell me a little bit about that up on ninety eight bushel soybean uh you what what was on that year before that of corn corn grander european we we do we are a family that has about seventy five percent corn on corn that this in this particular field actually was the rotation believe it or not uh and we do uh we do use liquid odd manure which always helps uh it was actually are it was actually a riverbottom on the skunk career for in the south party jasper county and and uh it was uh we liked early plant uh and we generally watch the soil moisture closely than we watch the soil tipped cure and uh we plant just a little deeper than most we learn about an inch nasty fifteen inch rose early plan what what howirling well we've been known to go out the same day with a soybean and corn planner uh the soil the soil moisture has to be right you don't you get yourself in trouble all year if you go out to wet but the warm the one soils always come and with the technology nowadays uh we've been expelled as good a dealer for thirty years and recently son carl christon is head of the next dealership now still alive two and these these hybrids nowadays is just really really improved as far as figure and and and then treatments you know southern iowa 's full of aleve oh and that was always a nuisance on early planet beings will now with her death on it sorry now us the liivo around way that helps that out and so while we're looking at oh uh artan move beings by mid april if not a little before wow so you're looking at that insurance deadline and want.

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