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In Centreville, right between route 28 in the Fairfax County Parkway, blocking off the two right lanes. Now from garage door repaired outcome, But W M A. L. ABC seven Storm Watch forecast. Not about evening at all. We're gonna drop on down eventually, to 32 degrees out the door Saturday morning, once again in the low fifties, a pretty nice day. Some sunshine but increasing clouds because our next weather maker comes in here Sunday morning early while we're all sleeping Saturday, and it's gonna bring a snow for the first half of the day, potentially 1 to 3 inches around the area. Clearing out afternoon I'm ABC seven chief meteorologist Bill Kelly, from the storm out. Seven Weather Center. It's 52 in Centerville. 45. Old these 55 Reagan national. I'm a really fun. Washington's mall doubled You May L. Now Larry O'Connor show. My country. Tis of thee sweet land of liberty of thee. I see. Really, I e don't quite understand why there's this disdain for patriotic moments and patriotic symbolism. It's Z. You know, after 9 11 1 of one of the beautiful moments was the members of the House of Representatives assembling on the stairs of the capital, and they sang God Bless America. Remember, Remember, they even said the word God when they sang it. I mean, I'm.

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