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Eyes, your voice in the media. I referenced this Tio Former Mayor David Man, the main man about rumors. Rumors lie circle the globe before truth can ever take its first step. But I also have several posting here on social media. About tonight's activities in downtown received this text from a good friend of mine just a heads up because I want my people to be safe from potential violence. Quote, stay out of downtown Cincinnati this evening. From 5 30, Pam on two of my friends in law enforcement and security. Said that busing in and tea for members for the six PM protest a district one. And this could get violent. Also stay out of Clifton tonight. Edited. Since this seems to offend some people sincerely hope I'm wrong. And Cincinnati is a peaceful weekend when I began that with former mayor on council David Man, he said he knew nothing about it. But Because it's in media doesn't necessarily mean it's accurate. It's fair to say Matt, he said. It's always accurate, but I don't know that's the social media. So we'll see what happens if it all coming up after the short break with the news, which is so important is Dr Gary Kirsch, Dr Gary Kirsch of Urology Group. Has Jack Crumley knows September is National Prostate Awareness Month. And Ah, I think Dr Curse is going to encourage men to have a a body check system with their other friends and the prostate business, So he's going to talk about the ends and outs of that and more. Plus breads. Baseball starts at three or five with Rachel with the inside pitch first pitch from Pittsburgh. About four or five. The Reds have 10 games on the road for in Pittsburgh, three in Chicago three and Saint Louis than the Bengals kick off a week from Sunday and those next 10 games. We're going to find out exactly what's going on. Stay tuned for more charm of the Reds news radio 700 wlw 700 wlw, depending on the great American and This month is national prostate Month, Tony Bender celebrates. And as you know, Tony has a prostate buddy check that they do around the first of each month. And so Tony has a very close, intimate friend of his that they check each other's prostate to make sure it's functional. And thanks to that character, National prostate Month and One of the great experts and urinary care and all those kinds of things. There's Dr Gary Kirsten. I see one of his associates and nor would all the time at urology Associates and joining me now is that same Dr Gary Kirsch and Dr Kersh Welcome again to the Bill Cunningham shown. Gary How are you? Good. How are you? I'm doing great host US deal with some fundamentals. I asked women up and down the hallway here. Did they know what the prostate is? And almost all of them say I have no idea, but we know it's something so for those who are uninitiated, can you tell The women of the tri state. What is the prostate where the prostate is a gland that sits underneath the bladder and the urinary channel goes through it bill and in health, the prostate makes an important liquid component of the semen. And But there's another reason that men have a prostate. Besides making an important component of the semen, and you know what that is, Bill, Well, I mean, it gives you a lot of pleasure. It does. But also another reason men have a prostate bill is because God loves urologists. So in other words, it gives you something to do exactly without that you'd be in trouble. Totally. And, of course, a woman asked me. What is it? A woman have a prostate? Ah, The woman doesn't have a prostate because God loves women more than he loves men right now as faras the prostate exam. I had one recently a week or two at your facility. One of Dr Kun, one of your great associates, he said. My peers say is like 2.62 point seven I go online guys, my age should be between zero and I think it's six or seven and so for a guy and there's in their forties and fifties. What should the prostate be the PSA number? Well, it should be in their forties and fifties. It certainly should be under four. And maybe even under three depends a little bit on the family history on the size of their prostates. No. Tony Bender is about 75. He's got like a five and a six. Is that normal for a 75 year old? It certainly could be. Yes, sir. So what is the key as faras indicators of prostate cancer until my buddies have had prostate cancer, and that's why I'm on this thing more than normally I would be, but But whatever the indicators that you don't want to get when it comes to prostate, this indicative of of a cancer Well, Unfortunately, a lot of times most of the time, prostate cancer doesn't have any symptoms that a man notices just because they may have weakening sex life weakening urinary stream. This usually has nothing to do with prostate cancer, which is usually silent, and that's why the screening with the examination and the PSA Is so important. And if I could just, uh, mentioned one other thing, Bill in one of the reasons that I wanted to get this message across today, September is prostate cancer Awareness month and we're now experiencing a double whammy. Ah, ah, in that men presenting to the doctor with prostate cancer now Maybe presenting with less curable.

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