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Polling that shows him trailing. The Democrats coming up the death of a high profile fashion designer. Three traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of doing all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Trouble-spots out there. Kevin watching one little thing here over here. It's basically downtown on the pike eastbound slowdowns inside the Pru tunnel to a broken down disabled truck here taking out the right lane just after that Pru tunnel. Westbound not too bad heading out towards Newton corner. South of town expressway northbound locked up furnace brook Parkway all the way up to a center lane breakdown here before Columbia road and southbound on the break south bay getting down through seven hill, route three northbound you're on the brakes for about a mile or so now getting up to the crews at route fifty three in Hanover, one twenty eight northbound's got some brake lights getting by the crews after great plain avenue here in Needham. Now, farther south down on the mid K pie way eastbound, we had some mowing cruise after exit to that looks like we still have some delays there not too bad over the sag more or born bridge, if you're heading on Cape downtown levered down ramp slow into the lane drop. Opens a nice ride in here from Chelsea Storrow drive eastbound roadwork here before government centers. Got you back into the Copley tunnel. Still dealing with delays over to Ted westbound from the airport over to south Boston, and one twenty eight northbound on the brakes after route thirty eight getting up to Washington street here in Woburn Kevin Brennan WBZ's traffic on the threes. Full spectrum hemp oil, rich and CBD is now available and shipped directly to you. The effective all natural, alternative to prescription pain, and stress release, visit CBD.

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