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Give pretend to. You can do whatever you want as long as you're not really usually. Fu part of movie or any kind of industry. If you're talented into never stops taliban work yes darling and work zun as you work you see yourself now see. You came in very very young person and doing the interview with so many celebrity people. You know how much the celebrity people and these days. They're very very vague because people the tried to do anything because they have something inside them heart. What are they want to type. And then anything anything else you like to do it. I give him my my. You know ideas that don't ever stop. Just do it. Try to go and move on and you know someone come look for me. Don't ever look for name behind your shoulder right. Names come up and that's true. That's actually a very good alight. But the what. I want to say you know from someone that has already achieved so much. Thank you and you worked with High profile people in albanian community in the usa. Don't stop don't stop has to mean so much more for like young people while they're going to tell you this story very quick and two thousand six. I remember like today those celebrity people coming to our store because still inside the and i'm not saying just them i had so many one he actually. I did The wonderful wonderful life movie zuzu. The lady she was sixty something years old. Yeah she came to me. And i was doing her hair. I i don't know. I didn't have ideas was she and then for for little bit she was telling me. Do you know who i am. I said she said. I am a deliberate and the movie. Wonderful live zuzu. Wow i said really and she said okay gimme address. And today i have her autograph. I think she's not in life anymore. She's died and then. I have a really really big free pictures with her autograph. Says thank you very much to know. All the and she's rolled some appreciation. Thank you very much. And i did for a couple of times because it was a place over there with people believe me. I don't know how many people did that I used to work at the state capitol building. We have a salon downstairs and now has so many senators legislative politician of a so. You've worked in airport. You see my home. The story i was working. I was working place and the morning i was working at the state capitol building office afternoon. I was working at the airport. Believe me three four times. Precedents came to to the state building. I didn't see him. The came to our place. This look it upstairs. We have an oppressive than was george. Bush was bill. Clinton knows that so many people can then for me. It was looking like i'm i'm i was feeling myself so Special in those beautiful places working as as a refugee person right right and then all the time my career. I'm going to go a little bit back. Because in nineteen ninety-one. I was in the hairstyle in union in europe. And i win the third place in all european union in the hairstyling so it was like a competition competition. Yes oud competitions. When did you start hairstyle. Come on let me tell you. The the i wanted to when you started the. How long would you start and then back into the the competition. I didn't know there was a competition. I start cutting hair. I started interesting. Nine thousand nine hundred eighty five okay. So the one thousand nine hundred ninety one. I started moving on on an all over europe. I want to. Italy wanted to To i want to Germany when to boot up as we want to praise when some of the places hairstyling hairstyle and the what happened. Nineteen ninety eight ninety. Know what happened. The situation in kosovo shut down everything. We cannot move nothing. So one thing where i miss missing my life because you know my home in kosovo and then my salon is burn to god. So you see these bitches like this. I have back then and my salon. Couple of few celebrity people and blows. I have almost twenty seven diplomas certificates for whatever. And i have i have Gold trophy the third place. When i got in your yes ninety one and those is gone everything in nineteen ninety nine. This shut down. Everything shuts down everything. And then now. I'm not gonna happen anything so when i came here to new life new life so at that moment In nineteen ninety nine. You know your career was That hype around all of europe. You got third place in the competition now. Everybody in close to what that moment basically had to leave their homes businesses. They're you know everything behind. You know if i started here. What was your thought. Howard how i mean. I'm sure because you've moved around europe in. Was that a little bit easier of the transition for you because you already had were comfortable going to different countries and working or was it like when i came to united states in nineteen ninety nine as a refugee my career in europe. It's done nine hundred ninety nine. And i said one thing i said to myself. I talked to myself in the mirror. Can you believe that. And i said i came to this country and i hear a lot of people saying his place when i was mentioned few minutes ago when i said accused place. He's a paternity. And i just i put my two hands up here. Things got i have this one. Thing's gonna have this one. I'm going to do this. Bring up and hear when i hear you so you know. That's the that's something that people especially for us. Albanians is coming from postal. People don't understand. Is you know a similar to you. There's thousands of stories out there of people achieving something career having to throw it all away and come and start all over it in country who came here and started over and achieve just as much greatness as you had before so i gotta take one more thing. I'm sorry when they came first time. When i came first time when i start to have my license the told me here you cannot have a license here you have to go school and have one thousand five hundred hours to start cutting hair and i said how can i go. I said to myself how can i go to do another one. One hundred one thousand five hundred yes. Fifteen hundred hours and ben person with experience in one thousand. Nine years been cutting. Am go back to school. Mainly list was okay. Yeah language was okay. I was not like today and then reading and writing was kind of problem. You know how i can do it. So one thing let's say put my heels and then I got the opportunity for my boss. Ken and then he says. Let me try this. They told me that we try this guy and see how he work and they start. You stole my work. He said we're gonna give you five months opportunity. You care and you can get paid like everybody else. Who's in a shop. So you have to start and then have you know what five hundred question. I have to study while older rules. All know went to university In minnesota we have to take tests. They're right and things got learn. I'm done finished me. Test then started at this year.

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