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Everything else his lavish lifestyle but yeah i and i think that they they buy that and they and they believe in what they have the sega's they're looking for that answer and they offered that solution to them well when you're any of your trump videos when years zooming in on the people standing behind it mm something which i think is so important because i'm not like it's a kind of thing maybe maybe your brain doesn't want to accept that this is happening or something like you ever hear that ridiculousness about how um when the ships came north america this is probably about a big pile bullshit because i think i saw it on that movie the secret but langer so this is ridiculous idea that like when the ships came that because the the native indigenous people had never seen a ship before they couldn't see a ship because their brain couldn't accept it like i can remember wants running into a friend of mine in atlanta and it i'm sitting e came and sat down next me started talking to me i'm looking at him and i'm thinking to myself who the fuck is this guy like why is he being so ford with me all know this guy and then i realized ship man that's my friend but my brain so didn't wasn't able to accept that this guy was in atlanta because he lives in new york and it just seemed impossible that i didn't see who he was in the same way like this shit that year showing the jim baker audience the people at the trump rallies.

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