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Tampa Bay and we've got our today in history for may twentieth which happens to be today it was in fourteen ninety seven at John Cabot set sail from Bristol England on his ship Matthew looking for a route to the west and he actually became the first to make it to the north American continent eighteen forty eight Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama discovered the sea route to India when he arrived at I think it's pronounced Kozhikode day which is previously known as Calicut India fifteen seventy cartographer Abraham Ortelius issued the the other trump or bush terrorism which was the first modern atlas boards I can't pronounce there very well sixteen forty five the guns to massacre the ten day massacre of eight hundred thousand residents of the city of young shoe part of the transition from the Ming dynasty to the Clinton dynasty I was in China eighteen sixty two president Abraham Lincoln signed the homestead act into law opening eighty four million acres of public land to sell those settlers who did things like the Oklahoma land rush eighteen sixty to eighteen seventy three this is a big Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis received a US patent for blue jeans with copper rivets and I think we're all aware of those now you got James on shorts shorts on anybody in there with jeans on no genes in here yoga pants who Darnell if my yoga pants at home more my jeans are you didn't I don't see your yoga pants taxpayers don't lot of the people in eighteen ninety one history of cinema the first public display of Thomas Edison's proto type Kannada scope which was the beginning of the cinema movies nineteen of twenty twenty the end of cinema S. zero eight people are all going to say I don't have to go to the movies anymore gonna watch it on Netflix and prime and all that stuff nineteen oh to Cuba gains independence from the U. S. Tomas Estrada Palma becomes the country's first president nineteen thirty two a millionaire heart took off from Newfoundland to begin the world's first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean by a female pilot and she landed in Ireland the next day nineteen forty eight generalissimo Chiang kai shek won the nineteen forty eight Republic of China presidential election and is sworn in as the first president of the Republic of China that Nanjing nineteen forty nine in the United States the armed forces security agency the predecessor to the National Security Agency which we have now the NSA is established nineteen fifty six in operation redwing the first US airborne hydrogen bomb is dropped over the bikini atoll in the Pacific Ocean the hydrogen bomb interestingly enough I watch the movie joined I watched doctor strange love last night it was about a plane carrying a hydrogen bomb is going to is a comedy supposedly in the drop in Russia but enough of that and we did see supposedly the explosion of a hydrogen bomb let me see in nineteen sixty nine the battle of the hamburger hill in Vietnam in the day and that's been the subject of a couple of movies nineteen eighty five radio Mar T. part of the voice of America service begins broadcasting to Cuba came rather controversial to time and in twenty thirteen and EF five tornado strikes the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore it killed twenty four people and injured three hundred and seventy seven others and that is our today in history for may twentieth Hey Jack I said we had some good news as far as for comic book fans but for everyone here in the bay area Tampa Bay comic con huge event every year it's got the green light you can go ahead as planned July tenth through the twelfth it's at the convention center here in Tampa and you're gonna have mandatory temperature screenings for everyone that enters the convention center but just the fact that people are going to be allowed to congregate and massive crowds at the convention center here in Tampa that's great news and that's what we're here not only us getting out yeah conte every year it's been here before he it's great and a quickie from George Karl three moles in a tunnel first one says I smell sugar second one says I smell cinnamon third one says I smell molasses it's eight twenty eight on A. M. Tampa by the truth and nothing but this is a Sean Hannity morning minute Lindsey Graham is preparing subpoenas for call me for clapper for Brandon and for others and other people within the Obama Biden administration politico is point that pointed out today is preparing to ask his colleagues for blanket permission to subpoena dozens of Obama officials connected to the investigation of Russian interference in the twenty sixteen election Graham is seeking the authority to demand testimony documents from figures involved in the launching of the Russian investigation in other words operation crossfire hurricane including Attorney General Lynch a former national intelligence director clapper former CIA director Brennan former FBI director call me and I'm sure there will be keeping you on the story later today so.

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