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Chew fan me to choose it's been a good. Summer for peak at fans Lots of pitching in sunhats that's right Now I'm playing it by the. Way what If I get a little. Distracted it's because I see a vino. Net I've just got to pick? Him up, what can I do for you. Sarah Well I bought a. Used MAC book is a twenty ten so I know, it's it's quite old but we upgraded the way I'm in put in an SST good upgrades? What, I'm concerned about is when Mojave comes out with do, I go from high Sierra, the Mojave or am I better, off staying with an, older, well the, general rule as if apple lets you do, it apple will at some point cut. It off and you won't and they'll just say, sorry you know this, is the most recent you can use but, you should upgrade if you can the good news is in the? Last eight years eight year old, laptop but Intel hasn't made massive improvements. In processors and so you're probably pretty. Compatible with anything Apple's doing right? Now Yeah it runs pretty well yeah yeah And so I think yes absolutely go to. Mojave Mojave, has some nice new features you know the main reason you want to do it is for any security, and bug fixes that that are. There and apple doesn't necessarily publicized those so, you always want to get the. Updates but you don't have to worry apple won't let you update if it's not compatible or it's. Going to really slow your. System, down they're pretty good. About, that I. Like the older you know My real reluctance on upgrading to the new macbook pro besides the price was I. Really like the older. MAC books I like to travel I don't mind the. Bigger size. Is a little. Thicker that's fine better battery life. And I would like the keyboards I don't. Like to touch borrow that much. They don't have a touch bar so I was using a two thousand fifteen MAC book pro until, until I got this new one they're very good at listening to your review is when I, go to, get a new one I I I'm gonna. Wait, till they get that keyboard well. I feel, like this, one's better it's not you know we'll see if. It's as if it's more reliable I think they have solved that and I, was a big as you know. Hater of, the new butterfly keyboards this, one it's just a slight difference but, it's, enough to make me say well I. Think I can live. With it Not happy but I think you're going to live with your your twenty tenths just fine, keep stick, with it by the way they stopped selling. Those, when they put out these new. Macbook pros, that was, it on the twenty fifteen fifteen inches they're not. Selling those old ones anymore so I don't know what will happen to the, macbook air which is the last. Really old, macbook old stamp act but, they sell but my my sense is, they're, they're dropping that to sometime this year Sarah so nice to talk to you I'll look for. You look for some Hutchison Kansas pokey. Stops don't take care thank you our show today brought to, you by remote PC thank you Sarah we love remote, PC we use. It all the time when I, say we I mean me I guess I guess you get my wife using it to because, we like, to travel but you know how it is you. Leave town. And then. You go oh I forgot, there's something on my. Computer I. Need or there's a program I want. To run or maybe just for, security I'd like. To use the. Browser on my home computer and. My home computers internet connection remote PC lets you do all of that easily it's. Fast you. Don't you hardly feel like you're you're operating it remotely, it's secure you could transfer files back and forth they've really. Got it down remote PC dot, com check it out I think. You'll be, very impressed the other thing I. Love about remote PC is the price up to six computers I'm sorry it's, up to ten computers for. Six, dollars a month but we've got. An even better deal. For you get ready, it's the Leo. Tech weekend special. And that's. What they call it not me but.

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