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Can do it with the saints who I don't even know what to say about this. It was just a total whitewash Bri. The eagles could not stop them eagle suffered a couple more injuries that they could not afford Jason Kelsey at center, especially Avantis Maddox, the rookie safety. Nickelback who's played very well for them. You just can't do that. I mean, the only positive probably for the eagles was just Josh Adams the undrafted rookie nerd aimed at some positive things of that though. I mean Carson Wentz. Maybe the worst game. I've seen him play. He goes Cornerbacks. They just can't make plays with the kids. They have out there right now. They're just not they're just inexperienced and they're not good enough. Frankly, meanwhile for the saints, and this is important when you talk about like MVP, talk and stuff like that. Drew Brees is out here throwing the ball to Dan Arnold and Keith Kirkwood and treat Colin Smith at least like a third round pick. I think but still I mean still the dude the NBA people see what Mahomes does tonight, but hard for me not to believe that he's the MVP. Jeez. And finally Sunday night football that bears. Twenty-five the Vikings twenty big day for Khalil Mack sack fumble recovery. It really was a big day for MAC. He is incredible. I mean, he not only that he had other pressures where he was hitting cousins getting them Khalil Mack. There aren't that many guys Bri that really make the difference between winning and losing, you know, he is one of them. Which is why it's just so insane. That the raiders would trade him. They're going to hope now in the draft that they get a guy that can be nearly as good as he is as for the game looked trubisky's Running's a major factor. I give Matt Nagy a lot of credit. He gets their speed guys on the edge. Which sounds simple. But evidently, according to some teams, it's pretty hard. I thought Trubisky had a couple of questionable throws that's kind of par for the course for him. But he runs. Well, he gets down. He doesn't take the shots. But really this. Game was about the pick six by Jackson. It was about to Khalil Mack. Fumble. Forced fumble of dalvin cook, you know, and that's it. I mean cousins had the bad pick in the first half, which could have been more point. He missed a fund digs on a double move and Minnesota could not run alike. So not the best game for cousins, plus not being able to run at all. That's a bad combination to try to win on the road. I think the bears Bri might have the best defense in football right now, which the way football is. I don't know if that's saying much, but it's still the best of the bunch. Speaking of the best absolutely love that. We get the pro football doc medical minute each week. That's yet. Another reason why we think we are the best here on the Ross Tucker football podcast. It's Dr David Chow week eleven Sunday. Brought a lot of different injuries. The biggest one. Was eerily similar to what happened? The Joe thighs when thirty three years ago to the exact day on that infamous Monday night football game. When Laurence Taylor broke Joe size men's leg and his career ended at that point in time. The same thing happened to Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith thirty three years ago to the day. The score was the same Twenty-three twenty one in both plays happen. When the ball was at the forty yard line, the injuries a little bit different. But he also broke both the tibia and fibula and went for emergency surgery. I do not believe this will be the end of Alex Smith's career. And that's where the two injuries will be different Marcus mariota re injured his right elbow owner nerve issue..

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