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Jay selection. Sanni let's see here. Let's do roll-call. Dawn is gone. Okay. Check Elizabeth three has gone. Sanni is already doing enough. Check. Because of traffic and weather and being Alexis. So the dirt alert today because be Arthur hates us and falls to me. So here we go. I guess. King continuing to receive universal praise for her interview with our Kelly last night, she was on Stephen Colbert. And introduced a new little interesting tidbit about a second interview Gail did on that same day were Gail interviewed r Kelly's current too young girl friends. Yes, one I believe is twenty two the other is I believe twenty one Liz in our Kelly. Well, I'll let Gail talk about this here. She is last night on coal bear. His team told us at R Kelly would not be in the room. After the interview started. He was around the corner behind them. They couldn't see him. But it points at points during the conversation. So they were aware that he was there. He wanted them to know that he he tried to stop the interview backstage a couple of a couple of times last who was taken those amazing photos that you've seen is my makeup artist R Kelly came up to him and said, should I stop this interview? Should I stop this interview? He never did. So the girls at some point we're certainly aware that he was there. And I I just wanted to say the mother get your things, let's go Gail. Also, how Gail also said to Stephen Colbert that the father of one of the young ladies called gale after that interview. Aired and apologized for his daughter's behavior and said, the young lady in that interview is not the daughter he raised and further furthered his claim that are Kelly had brainwashed his daughter and this other young lady, it's frightening. And that was so hearing Gail reveal that how insidious. I don't like him this story that we're using the word brainwashed. I liked manipulate better. Not everyone saying they're being brainwashing. I think I just think manipulating is a better word to use. Yeah. You're right. Brainwashed. Brainwashed. Like these are adults. They don't they don't know what they're doing. Yeah. But you can get manipulated. That's true. That's very true. Yeah. I like that. I like that change of wording. Yeah. Well, something's going on. I mean because then they're saying, oh, my my parents are just out for money. That's why they're here's what they're saying. And he's in the background coughing and Gail had had a line that I thought of summed it up perfectly for me. And she's like this isn't your traditional. He said she said, this is a he said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she say that's the problem that he's coming up against is the mount of and then we're talking decades, Dan, this is my one college party that happened. Then like this decades decades after here's here's Gayle talking about. Now, we have now become that legendary photo conic photo of her sitting tall and calm. While our Kelly was standing above her pointing to the camera here. She is talking to Colbert about that moment when I see Robert getting really upset and he stands out of the seat. My initial reaction is oh God. Please don't leave. Please don't leave. Please don't leave because I really thought we've seen him storm out of interviews before. So I thought he was going to do that. And I was thinking I'm not done with my questions. What can I do to save this? So I decided if I sit there quietly make eye contact with him. I thought the minute I walk up and say if I stood up like calm down. You know, what it's like when you're upset and somebody says calm down calm. I figured that. That would make it even worse. So I thought if I just sit there quietly looking at him, he would no I'm not going anywhere. And I'll just wait treated, finish whatever this is. And then you'll sit back down in the seat. Okay. Oh, and now a gale calling him Robert is now like the universal has become the universal phrase for peace. Calm down. Robert, robert. I love that. I want to give that as a drop more dirt alert moving over to the other heavy story of the week the fallout from leaving land HBO's documentary about Michael Jackson. Corey Feldman who has been a long time defender of Michael Corey from the goonies. And good friend of Michael has up until this point been a stiff steadfast defender of Michael Jackson while he was on headline news yesterday. And had this to say, it is obviously a very emotional time for me, and this is a very emotional process for any survivor of abuse. Anybody that's been through these.

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