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Hello dolly overnight with tara jerry la dow is injured it was over here your grocer leader i we just scratched the surface as usual alan liechtenstein never enough time the tony's on tonight on cbs while we're having a live of their after maple feeder tonight seven o'clock yeah we have always give away a ticket of uh a a merchandise whoever shows that area like that and we have our own little party of maple feeder every year for turning i come join us there all right i'll stop by and they'll tell us all about all the new shows we are carrying a fever including american in paris will do something on that 2017 wanted escort i really got pretty great show and what about that the andrew lloyd webber we got the sequel ordering the natural world international tour in detroit of uh comfortable of our way uh really love never die yes right i mr weber coverage of detroit really andrew heard what was going to be here i put a put put me down analysts the chat with him that'd be great i'll talk to you soon alan liechtenstein voting and the tony awards tonight as we head to the right now traffic center chicken with mitzi miles i it's right up there with the the grammys arms of entertainment are you gonna be tuning in eminem to take a peek at see who wins well you do remember there's little hockey game on and as the same time at eight o'clock yes so i will be doing a lot of that flipping thing or know maybe a record one and watch land that yellow be busy night lau maybe during enter missions of the pittsburgh at nashville they need me to cheer for the last thing and i got to help out go over there says i'll end who are vullo called in and said you know what m5 already has a new name correct me if i'm wrong here what haggerty was it how now haggerty in our tires it eased of runs parallel but that was the detour which was quite annoying i don't know why is that in a wide ball lows ed's at its haggerty that's the last time i'm going to take any mp and he says usually so wellinformed i'm he's he's he says m5 is known.

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