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We're recording this on Thursday of filling in yesterday. In that game against Baltimore. And don't forget Eric Ebron to he a bronze been fantastic. He's become a favorite target of Rafa's burgers as well, You know, back in Detroit they call him dropped in his prime from its time in the previous time with the Detroit Lions is a staff stuff, Megatron. They call him They used to call him drop the Miss prime, but Eric Ebron do this guy's a You have to start Hebron if you've got him. He's a good guy Every week, man. Yes. Absolutely. If you look at, you know, I'm a target guy. If you look at the targets and how many times rather's workers throwing it, Iran You know, I do a daily Fantasy league, which I want to talk about later in the podcast daily Fantasy versus weekly fantasy. I did a daily fantasy and one of my no brainers was. I'm definitely gonna play Ebron because of how much Roethlisberger likes to throw to him as almost like a safety net after he does his check downs. They should tell you how balanced to your point. How balanced this offenses for the There's nothing farcical about them. By the way, according to Take no notice. He wasn't He wasn't saying that. They're not a good team. It's just when you look at the A F C. You look up and you go do this. This team really gonna go. I mean, are they gonna go undefeated? I don't know what the team is gonna win the AMC and I don't think they care about going undefeated. But keep in mind. This is a team that has not had a bye since week four. They had to get there by shifting because of the Tennessee Titans covert issues early in the season, which then all Heard the back end of the schedule a little bit for multiple teams and just real quick on the on the consistency tip that we're talking about, or the balance of this offense and why it feels like maybe you could play each one of these receivers every week on the year. Deante Johnson eyes that 57 catches for 583 yards. Cheese. Claypool has got 45 catches for 611 yards juice. Ms. Schuster 84 catches for 572 yards. Not there on all three gonna go for for 1000 yards like Fitzgerald Boldin and Steve Breaston, But they also don't have the quarterback slinging it And in that kind of air raid offense in the way that in the way of that Cardinals team did their extremely balanced team that plays great defense and fantasy. Wise. Often times it feels like Deante Johnson gets the bulk of their assumptions but frequently changed. Claypool is the guy the throne to in the end zone, and I'll have to check the touchdown totals for Johnson. He's got four for Chase Claypool. He's got eight receiving test down this year to dismiss Schuster. Six. So we're talking 18 passing touchdowns are receiving touchdowns between those three guys and over 1600 receiving yards right now. It's kind of like they're kind of another version of the Chiefs where it's like you get a Steeler and you started stealer these days because their offense is very potent. And there's nobody at the Baltimore that's a good defensive team, right? Yeah, they actually had a pretty good defensive like they didn't play poorly on defense, their fantasy wise, their defense look pretty good. And by the way, if you're a Baltimore Ravens owner on defense, which I am Good. Keep them and make sure you've got that I know this week. Maybe their their matchup is tough As you said, it's gonna be a little bit shorter of a week. They're playing on a Tuesday, but they're playing the Cowboys. And if you look at who they play their playoff schedule to wrap up this season is is pretty. It's a favorable schedule would say that. Okay, so they go week. 14. We 13 after you get out of this week against the Cowboys, they go at the Browns. Now the Browns like Brown's defense, too. That's a matchup. I think they get the Jets and the Giants of the back end of the season. Enoughto look at their schedule. The Browns defense is also not a very bad one. Their offense could be hitting miss. You can pick off Baker Mayfield. You can sack Baker Mayfield. They run the ball almost as effectively as anybody in the NFL, and now they've got Nick Chubb back, and also we finally saw Jarvis Landry return to form and a lot of people think that that's.

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