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Were interacting with him. Correct? No. So Wanda Hill, who is in the SUV with Floyd before his encounter with show, Vin testified that Floyd had fallen asleep in the vehicle and roused when police approached. He's I Please, Please don't kill me. Please. Please don't shoot. Don't shoot. At least. Preston. CBS News New York A 34, D C. Maryland and Virginia all following CDC, an FDA guidance now to pause giving out the Johnson and Johnson covert vaccine. The Virginia Department health is holding off while federal scientists investigate the cases of six women, including a Virginia woman concerning side effects. Our team coverage begins with w T. O P s Dick Uliano vaccination coordinator, Dr Danny Avila. Says the death in March of a Virginia woman a few weeks after receiving the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is one of the six cases nationwide of stroke like symptoms that have caused a pause in the use of the J and J vaccine. We have I made the decision and sent out messaging to our providers and partners this morning that we will hold off on administering the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in Virginia, while the state is postponing 30 vaccine events this week because of the absence of Johnson and Johnson vaccine Viola says Virginia will enter Phase two of its vaccination program on time. April 18th, particularly on O w T O P News are coming up on w t o p d c. Statehood nearly two dozen attorneys general from across the U. S have something to say about the idea. 8 35 be great if Holmes came with.

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