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No vote with us on the show is ron rivera back on the hot seat and why is he was on hutsi yet and what a lot of people don't realize how close mike hugh law often coordinator can door cd quarterback coach game due at losing their job the offseason and grind went to bat for them and that nope we can make this offense work with them and so he put his neck on the line so if that often reforms like it last year rod is directly in the crosshairs youth these if you'd loyal sometimes to a fault obviously loyalty though can can also get a lotta fi in with this players and coaches so there's a lot of pressure on the off van which then translate to a lot of pressure on rod rivera for that often perform it for those coach group while i love the first toothpicks chris mckay jeffrey and then curtis samuel who the biggest argument with a high states fans is why didn't you get the ball more why can't you use him in space where you have all these athletes you couldn't do that all right what this what does make sure what does he planned to do with christian mccaffrey and then kurdistan m e we don't really know yet because mccaffrey was only year was the bed or or one crack use as part of this and aa rule that people get upset about with rain where guy them a quarter system mike stamp earn allowed to practice until exams are over so you only eur one practice it's a we haven't seen much of that so i think once we'll start seeing more those wrinkles one one draw with pennekamp comes along and daniel dealt with the wall hampering if you during otas than in any camp so we didn't really see much of having either but uh yeah we hold your eyes and imaginative it sounds like a pit beat fine and just confusing defense is because you you'll get those two all right those are two option than full cam while they're saying they don't wanna run all that much anymore he obviously you'll have the ability to feed a runner path than jonathan stewart still have tried lapped on on his ears than any calvin benjamin devon watches greg olsen so.

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