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The first qualified applicant the ideal is to reduce the role that bias plays and who obtains housing republican house leadership superpac will open another office in washington state congressional district komo's bill o'neil has the story of the move to open an office in the eighth district represented by retiring dave reichert comes on the heels of the congressional leadership funds decision to open an office in the fifth district back in january the moves are part of an effort to protect republican seats in congress during the upcoming midterm elections the eighth district has voted a republican to the us house in every election since it was created in one thousand nine hundred eighty dino rossi has been running unopposed on the side while eight democrats have been battling for their party's nomination in the fifth district cathy mcmorris rogers has been seen by democrats as a prime target and their attempts to flip as many seats as possible in the fall bill o'neil komo news local startup says it's new product will protect people from gun violence looks like a standard stadium seat within seconds the chair can be transformed into a bulletproof vest ceo and founder of practical protection aaron ansel says the chairs can be used by students in classrooms or by people at concerts and sporting events sure the unfortunate events in las vegas it was a conversation that i was having with some friends around what kinds of technology is there that could actually protect people in this kind of situation seats are made of an ultra high molecular weight poly ethylene which the company says give the same protection as kevlar that is more flexible and lightweight komo news time nine forty.

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