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This could soon be in the mail I'm Dave Anthony fox news money directly in the hands of the American people Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell so while I will support the house bill in order to secure some emergency relief for American workers I will not injure innocent until we have passed a far bolder package must include significant relief for small businesses as for the house bill counselor to the president kellyanne Conway says includes food aid for pregnant women women with children the poverty line and seniors our children it also includes billions of dollars for vaccines and for paid family leave in the White House is also pushing a plan that could top a trillion dollars to help the economy battered by all the closings now the president will have a news conference in to talk about that and something else fox's John decker live at the White House president trump tweeting that the U. S. will be by mutual consent temporarily closing our northern border with Canada to non essential traffic trade will not be affected details to follow Canada has recorded five hundred ninety eight cases of corona virus and has so far had eight fatalities nationwide the president's action follows his decision last week to bar entry for thirty days to non US citizens traveling from the European Union separately the White House announced that it is postponing an upcoming state visit by Spain's king and queen because of the corona virus pandemic David John around the world are more than two hundred thousand cases nearly sixty five hundred in the U. S. one hundred fourteen deaths on Wall Street the sell off the Dow is down more than eleven hundred points wiping out all of yesterday's rebound from Monday's record plunge the earthquake this morning in Utah a five point seven magnitude shaking Utah's governor is urging people to stay away from Salt Lake City as they assess the damage fifty five thousand homes and businesses lost power and the shutdown Salt Lake city's airport and light rail system America is listening to fox news newsradio kale B. J. on Patrick Osborne this news brought you by Adleman financial engines city leaders say Austin's homeless or not being forgotten amid the panic over coronavirus assistant city manager Chris shorter says services are still being provided and sanitation kits are also being handed out these kits include hand wipes we're also implementing safety measures at emergency shelters and we have increased the outrage at other facilities but shelters are under increased pressure because of a shortage of hand sanitizer and other supplies the downtown our shelter houses a hundred and thirty people every night they're now seventeen cases of coronavirus in Austin and Travis county no local case of person to person transmission has been confirmed by health officials do believe that large uptick in confirmation this week is an indication the local spread is beginning and in San Marcus bars and restaurants have been ordered closed much like an Austin Hays county as a whole is also imposed its own limit on gatherings of people putting a ban on any more than ten people for public or private gatherings and we'll hit eighty one degrees this afternoon I'm Patrick Osborne get news on demand it news radio cable B. J. dot com mark is there live local and they're talking about the stories that matter to you share your opinions with Markham Linda at five one two eight three six zero five ninety now mark and Melinda Teno three good morning thank you so much for joining us we want to be your local source for all the latest news and information on the impact of the corona virus in a way to stay connected kind of like a a town hall if you will live in local right here ten to eleven Melinda as we are doing social distance but we are able to come into your homes anyway as always yes yes live talk radio is the original social media absolutely it really is let's first start off with what's happening in Washington they still have not reached any kind of an agreement on another aid package to help American employees small businesses companies publican congressman bill Flores has done an interview this morning with K. B. T. X. T. V. yeah that's there in college station and in his area that he represents and it was interesting to kinda here because he's talking about it this is really a balancing act when it comes to what's going to be included in this proposed one trillion dollar package that they're now looking at to help the economy says you know we have to make sure that we are helping but in what in in the way that we're helping it doesn't end up making this worse by just you know making the economy fall out completely and then we have years and years and years of trying to recover from it let's listen to this first sell bite in it we've got a couple for you this is Republican bill Flores who represents part of Texas talking with K. B. T. X. if we get through the fifteen day period and we have a decline a slowdown in the rate of increase in infections then we can begin to see our state and local leaders relax some of the restrictions that they put on activities in our cities and states we need to be careful that the Shearer for the S. A. is not worse than the disease itself.

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