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Hunts on fox and friends America's listening to fox news three W. Y. P. C. mobile news all the level on the go president Mike pence returns to Indy you're radars clear but it's cloudy and forty two degrees in the circle city and John Herrick for golden oak lending and here's what's trending at eight OO to six as usual it frankly it's what the Democrats have been doing for the last three years what else is new pence discussing the impeachment inquiry Tuesday with Tony Katz in Washington DC pence returns to Indianapolis this afternoon by the way you can listen to those impeachment hearings at W. Y. B. C. dot com he's scheduled to speak at the strata education networks national symposium around six thirty and with pants coming to town that means traffic will be affected Matt bear yeah John especially watch those rams Kevin I'm seventy four sixty five four sixty five to seventy any of those could be closing as a vice president of rice from Indianapolis International Airport this afternoon or this evening you can also expect traffic in downtown because that's where he's going to be speaking on Washington Street expect delays going home expect street closures any of that could happen here this afternoon with the arrival of the vice president more W. you want to be seen from the W. I. B. C. traffic center you I lily's growing it's Indianapolis operations inside Indiana business reports they plan to invest four hundred million dollars in its manufacturing facilities at the lily technology center and create nearly a hundred jobs Lilly says this'll help it's increasing demand for its current medicines and also accommodate more manufacturing needs for future medicines it was a planned fist fight on in the south side Tuesday with three adults and guns were not allowed but somebody didn't listen to that rule says I am P. D. officer Sinead cook either just before the fight started for during that we believe that one person produced a weapon and began shooting she says three people were shot but no one was killed several others were arrested depa football coach bill Lynch announced he was retiring Tuesday that ends a span of forty years of football coaching for Lynch Lynch also coached at I. you bottler ball state it was even an assistant with the U. S. at els Orlando renegades over sixteen hundred Hoosiers have bladder cancer last year Chris Davis reports on what you can do to catch it early look for the main symptom it's easy to spot says Dr Reena my leak an expert on bladder cancer and female pelvic medicine to the most common symptom is called hematuria or seeing blood in the urine or having it found on a you know screening urine test at your regular doctor's office she says pain in the back or abdomen that won't go away or pain during urination are sometimes also symptoms there's no screening for it so you need to see a urologist if you have those symptoms frequently she says Chris Davis ninety three W. I. B. C. mobile news nine chon hair wreck on the level on the go on Twitter at ninety three W. I. T. C. A. N. W. I. B. C. dot com eight oh five traffic on the fives Matt bear because bad on the north was a north bound for sixty five oh forty six three don't update sixty five in that we're looking at about sixty done stuff and go from Fisher's one hundred sixteenth street on and all these north bound for sixty in front of it is low traffic before I get around to Allison Vale road in band seventy dragonforce sixty five in the Sherman drive in Baz sixty five also had three thirty eastern gas or down the twenty first northbound sixty five delayed for sixty five.

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