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Things that can and should be done at this time of year. Everyone's like, Well, you know, I'm not doing the fertilization. Scott, You're right. We're not doing any fertilizing in January. Never have never will. We get we get ready by mid February, so we're technically 45 days away. No, You can ask me about what to do in 45 days. But don't ask me. Should you be doing anything fertilization wise right now on one, But there's so many other horticultural things we can do and fact, I'd like to do horticultural trivia both for you against you, You know, reverse trivia, A trivia That's why you asked me the trivia Do you want me to ask you the trivia? You're still gonna win? Just like the last gentleman. I mean, I'm the answer. He's thinking no one makes it anymore. Rice hold compost is still avail. You have to know somebody to your eyes hold compost, but it's not that no one's ever using it anymore. McMasters rice, whole compost that was advertised on the Guard line radio program actually was advertised on what was Before the Guard line radio program, the farm and ranch show that was here on Ktrh back during the DUI Compton days, but McMasters rice whole compost in if I'm not mistaken Mr McMasters is still with us. He has the blueberry, not blueberry Blackberry farm. Houston BlackBerries that's over there off Moose Key Road and Was the name of that church road over there. But it's uh it's still well known and still well used in certain areas where there's still a lot of rice being harvested and course that's gonna be some places in Louisiana here in Southeast Texas as well and of course in other countries across The pond. But rifle compost was a very important soil amendment wouldn't say. I don't know anybody who planted in just rifle compost alone, but they definitely amended it And it would be like half of the soil that you get some dirt. Some sand and then in the rice, whole compost would make up about half of that mix. So as interesting but that these air kind of points that lot of things can and should be done this time of the year. It is still tree pruning season. If you need information about who to call, give us a call on that. If that you have not done your mulch, all right, get protected. A lot of mulch right now is very impressed with how my mom mulches held up on my two big vegetable beds. Um and I was renting a house to say that it's just like giddy about it. I'm not covered up in weeds like a lot of people whose ignored vegetable beds maybe you put down a little bit of most. Maybe you just killed everything up so it may be covered in Weed seeds. They're germinating. So then, my big, thick layer mulch has done its job. These are things you can and should be doing right now. Best time to plant trees, containerized trees, many of our garden centers that we brag about from verdict tree farm to our C W Nursery. They definitely are tree experts and they can have the right trees for you. If you don't know what the track white shoes are, maybe get a copy of my book. New Decade gardening. One of the chapters in they're still, you know, Randy's doesn't best for this area and has evolved over the years. It's not a huge chain hadn't like change 180 degrees, but it is definitely had some nuance changes over the years, but there's still the ones that we know the standards that work here, and we've rewritten about that. One thing would just I don't remember going into true detail about in the book, other than in January, is considered the ultimate month for dormant oil spray, but we used to talk Norman Oil Spray a lot on guard line radio program in years past. And I don't know that we talked about in years much, and one reasons is because we don't have the kind of winners when Tres that required doorman oil spray, and we've evolved to having Horticultural oils that can be used year round. But if you and you can still use a horticultural or or a true doorman all spray right now, if you have Trump's Let's use like Japanese blueberry. Let's use Holly's is a great example. If they are prone to scale the insect s C A L E And you don't want to see it coming back for the next 3 to 6 months. Get a doorman oil spray out on everything on a dry day like today. Mm. That's and you don't want to spray it, and then it rained like six hours later. But get out there. Let it dry for a day and dormant oil sprays a great way to keep certain sucking insects. Especially scale from damaging your plants. It is still cool season herbicide time. That was actually our very first question out of the barrel today, then gentlemen didn't know it because he's very new to garden line, but We do talk about the cool season herbicide in the month of January a lot. Just make sure you had a surfactant, so lots of questions are out there. It's not just about lawn care here on the garden line, and we can get you ready with all kinds of information. If you'll just ask the question, and of course, since Monday's my birthday, we give out the presence here on the garden line, and we do that. Via trivia, reverse trivia or just trivia. I asked you the trivia or reverse it. You asked me the trivia, horticultural trivia or We've thrown in 1962 trivia with some fun there. We had a mix of horticultural and 1962 trivia because 1962 being my birth year January 4th 1962 I don't feel 59. No, I don't active. That's why, But I don't feel 59. I don't know that that feels like but I mean, I definitely I know a lot of people on the verge of 60 right around 60 that Don't have the active lifestyle that I do, or kind of the fun in life that I do so definitely even though Don't go begging for it. It's like I don't believe If anybody saw me. Out there on the disc golf course. Like yesterday. You're saying that back? That's a 60 year old man right there now. I won't let that happen. I'll keep working on it a little bit. And then last, but not least mentioned. I'd like to know what you do with that $462 million lottery jackpot already told you I'm buying a 62 Corvette. It's got to be red and white, doesn't it or just all red? Don't think I can handle all white one. Not that neat and clean And I would also hired the chef James Street. Her away from is a Jane Street or Robert Street. No, Streeter. But don't fire the chef away from the Cakebread winery. Is this so good? What he doesn't like older I get. I need to watch what eating a little bit more and really pay attention to some dietary concerns. But I love cooking so I could pay attention on my own a little bit. But man what if you had somebody cooking your meals like that, on a daily basis, like Mr Streeter does for the Cakebread winery? It's all the time. I think that's why Mr Mrs Cake right of living are living forever. Personally 713 to 1 to Katya and others. Good brush with greatness story too. I got to eat lunch. Skosh. Can you think how many years ago was now It's got to be more than 10. For sure Hold was Randall on the time. To says Got my 16 years ago. I got to you lunch with Mr Mrs Cakebread and Mr Streeter, the chef at the Cakebread wandering that was a treat like no other And that's when I learned that I want Leader to be myself. 7132 now see if I had someone like Clint Richardson, Runny killing or my buddy Robert Spangler dealership always be eating his barbecue, smoke meats and barbecue all the time..

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