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Was arrested on Sunday at the New York Canada border. She's facing federal charges. In the Southern California Toyota dealers. Traffic Center. We make it easy road work on the 605 in Norwalk were found side of the 605 between the 105 and Florence Caltrans working there in the far right lane. So things are really busy through that stretch. Also slowing down the 105 East is you're approaching the 605. Also got roadwork still look heading through our leader and our friend side of the fight between Osborne with 1 18. The far right lane combed up there. Also in the five South right there at low speeds. Boulevard, got the offer and shut down for repairs. That things are pretty busy. They're coming away from the 1 34. Robert continues. If you're heading through downtown l, a westbound side of the tent between the 1, 10 and Washington far right Lane has found out their force and repairs and things have slowed down a red around San Pedro Street. If I and this guy helped get you there faster. I'm Jalen. This hour. The Gary and Shannon show brought to you by solar Max helping you with their best solar offer yet 29 99 a month zero up front on approved credit. Good Only till September 30th go to solar max tak dot com Slightly cooler temperatures in your forecast Next ad paid for by yes on 20 to save at base Jobs and services, a coalition of Demand drivers and platform. Small businesses, Public safety and community organizations committee major funding from lifting Uber Technologies Times are tough, a pandemic historic unemployment. So what to Sacramento politicians do pass a new law trying to make it illegal for ride share and food delivery drivers to work his independent contractors. Politicians are taking away driver's right toe work, how they want putting hundreds of thousands of drivers out of work and threatening to shut down ride, share and delivery services at the worst possible. Time. That's why we need prop 22. Yes, on 22 protects driver's right toe work is independent contractors saving hundreds of thousands of jobs. Yes, on 22 is supported by the overwhelming majority of drivers by a 4 to 1 margin and by the California Small Business Association and the California Peace Officers Association. They all urge you to vote Yes, on 22. To save at base jobs and services pay. It's Dean Sharp, the house whisper, You know, people keep saying last month was a long year. It's true for us and for the.

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