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Not even from the United States it wouldn't change anyone's opinion common sense would tell you your father is the president yeah you see this tweet you don't react by retweeting you don't say wow is this true you call someone within the campaigners say Hey could you look into this before I say anything about this is this true yeah Dada Dada Dada why would you even need to do that what difference does it really make for you political Intel for Intel on on of the candidates but but this was also part of many people said that that don junior any vodka had very inappropriate weeks he has with the tweet and if aka how she was really really involved yeah at the at the G. twenty talking I don't know that his tweets the words were all that inappropriate it's the inclination to go there is right I don't need to read yeah keyless is really is like I'm talking to my kids right you don't have real there's CO set up is like a bunch of children who can't shut up about each other don't have to go there it's the playground all if you look up what you have to pull the kid the country should feel like this you don't but you should the police can aside and say you can't say those things to her your primary role that we act like five year olds with the intellect of a five year old you don't it's just shocking publicly and he didn't question her I know I know but he just re tweeted and what wow is this yeah don't you don't go there don I hate saying this literally what he said you don't like toward literally I hate it yeah but I think it works here is not that awful you know he said well it is true yeah I mean again now why you care is pathetic why you end up there is just it's just so they kill us then that you're even involved in this that anyone would even care is really just over the top and it well it's after I put in I I I know how yeah I mean I know how I I know it's for the king and I and I know I have to back up and say I know most people are cool with this kind of stuff and I'm condemning all of us why do we like this why it's got your politics it's got even that is a pretty playground reporting something that is false false they're gonna Colorado what reporters called around it's sort of like who was a little sore like Elizabeth Warren and this Indian stuff the Pocahontas deal okay it's fine if reporters would like to catch candidates in life's and that would apply to all candidates including his dad catch them in lives good for you I'm but that doesn't need to involve you especially now there's no point to this now piling on on her or planning on the story does what for his dad now it's just politics Jeff that's all it is I think this is not even just politics I think this is like and it's not just Donald Trump June and I don't think what he said is you know I don't I don't think it makes you a racist by any stretch I think it just makes you I think he's doing exactly what we've the public love but yet we condemn our kids for acting like this on a playground Jeff warden head Clements afternoons is seven on news radio kale BJ five ninety eight AM and.

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