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Callum contract overnight construct to thicken up across western Washington early Monday tense drop down into the upper fifties and low sixties highs on Monday sept seventies so well we on Sunday however on Monday there will likely be more clouds we also have a very small chance for some isolated showers that in mind widespread rain returns Wednesday I'm meteorologist Kelly couple weather center the following program is paid for by the advertiser and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of management and staff it's a northwest lifestyle weekend on komo news welcome to the fast lane our auto expert with Nick miles continues explosion of electric cars coming over the next three years and nine hundred new models or something and Tom woman was telling us listing them all off one I couldn't be more excited about is the man you Paul Starr which is the separation of the electric brand from Volvo said this sort of still under the same umbrella but it said the the post Paul Starr is their performance electric brand and they had to pull star one got to see that at Concord and the goals a couple of years ago and then now the pull start to is arrived and J. P. is here from Paul start to talk to is a little bit about it.

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