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Club loaded ahead in kill them and then the me leishman began the purpose simulation was it was a religious app the india's believe that the soles of their and immediately to follow them into the after life and that in whatever condition they were i'm deficit and immediately after death so the indians would prices among some of the the the the the the last revolting to the lights with least practices work to say slash to see news so you know lot holding their legs on their arms for the to poke their eyes out for that when there and and is fall down to the after life they would be blind of the with the lane they would not be able to pose a threat to the indians who are enjoying turn it and that was the for that was the purpose him you know late in the desert was not active quotes average of young quote with no purpose exception of retaliate as most white's interpret did the it was it wasn't in the indians where thanking in terms of their religion a quite rational thing to do and i want to stay with the logic and the reason because they're instances peters bookies sweeping you understand there's an enormous amount of history detail here awhile go to a conversation ones between roman knows roman knows a preach approaches fade a general job when field scott hancock a hero the civil war of who is cool and ignorant and believes that he can intimidate the indians roman knows approaches him at for a parlay and which if it ends badly roman does is ready to kill his enemy and he says to the general we would we don't want or if we did we would not come close to your big guns very sensible peter did they not believe the indians when they told them the truth did they not did it did winfield scott hancock who is one of many generals to it doesn't listen did they not believe the indians.

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