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Have happened here at the Atlanta motor speedway in the folds of honor QuikTrip five hundred they'll get thirteen sets of Goodyear tires this afternoon and for this race track of course NASCAR and Goodyear have worked up a special tread compound they did this a few years ago where the inside about two inches a little harder so that it has a little more durability the outside the outside ten inches has a little more grip but despite that despite having such a good tire they wear out quickly because this race track the drivers like to talk about like a cheese grater it is so rough and so all that again they love it so much that tire wears a big deal nineteen ninety six was the last time they repaved it Lana motor speedway I thought about it a couple years ago the drivers packed organized boycotts pickets and anyway anyway didn't wind up re paving in a couple years ago and it's here and it looks rough and let's hope that it puts on a really good show didn't didn't learn much there in that first twenty five laps mark because honestly I think these teams just want to find out they want to evaluate that tire wear check the set ups on their cars and not put themselves in harm's way before they come back out here and really go racing for me the big winner knowledge Giordano gone be first off pit road he'll get that preferred inside groove on the restart the other big winner Kurt Busch you went from a lap down to back on the lead lap let's go to Doug Turnbull speaking of jelly legato if his team says that they have only made air pressure adjustment there despite the fact that he was running third chase Elliott lost three spots on that pitch secret city radio back to Krycek pretty valid Gustin said today that do anything wrong and they said no you're positioning was okay we just lost a couple of spots there they also told that his left side tires that were used as right side tires on that first run hill restart fourth so here's our run down as we get set to go back to green George look on first Kyle Busch second Kevin Harvick third chase Elliott fourth fifth Clint Bowyer Martin Truex junior six seventy Brad Keselowski Ericom role eighth ninth Denny Hamlin champ Jimmie Johnson Erik Jones writes Levin twelve belongs to Tyler Reddick Alex Bowman is thirteenth fourteenth William Byron Christopher bell is fifteenth Ryan Newman sixteen back to Benedetto seventy eight eighteenth is Ryan Blaney Todd date hi Dylan is nineteenth and twentieth this Ricky Stenhouse junior then in twenty first it's going to be Bubba Wallace with the rest of the top twenty five Matt Kenseth Michael McAllen twenty third Ryan Preece twenty fourth.

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