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Oh one of Bob you slurring the Mets play the Cleveland Indians tomorrow first game of a nine game homestand for the Mets in the first time making Callaway faces is former team before becoming a Mets manager Callaway was the Indians pitching coach so any feelings of nostalgia for this one No Way here's calories approaches the more of a chance to to get us into you know the wild card race and and things like that you know obviously hopefully I can help out some of the pictures with how to attack similar hitters is about it Callaway will throw Stephen Manson Marcus Stroman knows Syndergaard against the Indians in that series the Yankees play their next nine games on the road first series in Oakland the next series will be in Los Angeles against the Dodgers the Yankees had the best record in baseball the Dodgers the second best that means something the team with the higher winning percentage gets home field advantage in the post season we want to continue to rack up as many wins as we can with that whole but you know we also know that we're capable of beating anyone now when we put our best foot forward no matter where we play this Arab moon Domingo her mind gets the start tomorrow bidding for seventeen when when the Yankees play in Oakland the race trailer mariners tonight nine to one in the top of the fifth the race currently a half game in front of Oakland for the second wildcard the twins Lee the white Sox to nothing in the top of the third the top wildcard team in the National League is Washington the nationals are blowing out the pirates tonight eleven nothing in the bottom of the fourth and in the opening game of the big L. central showdown say Louis to Milwaukee are scoreless in the top of the fifth Chris sale not pitch again this season the red Sox left hander has elbow inflammation a left handed pitcher al Jackson has died Jackson an original met with the organization in one capacity or another for fifty years Jackson was eighty three the player not playing the pre season will check that next WFAN twenty twenty sports time is nine.

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