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With medical professionals, and conducted numerous interviews with witnesses and family members of the deceased, Dr Houston Houston turned himself into police this morning, and then was arraigned this afternoon in a Franklin county courtroom. Mount Carmel is also issuing a statement today rave in part, we appreciate the county prosecutors leadership and his ongoing commitment to Justice in this case following the discovery of the actions of Dr Houston. We notified appropriate authorities, including law enforcement, it goes on to say that there is nothing more important to Mount Carmel than the safety of our patients and their trust in us, providing compassionate care to patients and their families is one of our most sacred responsibilities. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families and the patients affected by this tragedy. In other news today to Columbus Education Association and the Columbia school district are expected to negotiate this summer, but the teacher's union has authorized leadership to provide a str-. Notice. If those talks break down, they CA represents more than four thousand employees, including teachers counselors, and nurses. The Ohio department of agriculture says they will begin aerial treatments this month, designed to disrupt gypsy, moth mating in twelve counties, including in Franklin county, though, again, in southeast Ohio, on June twelfth. And then the treatments in central Ohio will follow the national Veterans Memorial museum had several events going on today to Mark the seventy fifth anniversary of d day. The national museum of the US air force in Dayton is also holding some special commemorative services and featuring special.

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