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And he goes to create and deliver strategies for privacy compliance entertaining strip all these start a quick reminder that the billions and ideas shared in this context are not legal advice if you need advice to should contact professional bid yards specific context. Let's get started. Hello welcome today in the fit for privacy podcast. We have a special and unique guest. He's a forensic crime scene investigator. yes. He's a forensic crime scene investigator in the boston now too naughty. He has identity verification protection of individuals identity and personal data background and he's a identity management professional and he has a company and he's a ceo at diverse authentication library global and he says diverse authentication library global complies with all privacy or personal data violations globally. And all the processes for specific reasons like fraud prevention identity protection and verification of an identity and he loses vocabulary like synthetic identities and cost workers. But let's not worry about it. He will simplify for us and he will help us understand. What are these dumped. And what is it so ladies and gentlemen. I'm talking about. David jacobs talcum david. So how did you get into this interesting field. Forensics identity protection and so on and so forth you started my my younger years To the police force in nineteen ninety seven and trained as a fingerprint expert as well as a crime scene investigator infringing expert in the field to score got to crime scene. Similar to what you'll see on csi the very popular. Tv show But instead of always catching the decision sometimes couldn't click evidence Know that started at the mall. Forensic background is defining what a fingerprint is and understanding The author of that biometric in your human body It actually what the frenzy guy speaks. It allows you to Bringing something with fingerprinted deny that study that has got that varied. It's called the local principle. It basically means everywhere we go. You leave something you take something with you. Some the crime you will leave your fingerprint and tax. Some dust away with few so. That's why such a interesting food for me from there on it started with. I started which you will need to the identity. Spice itself and from two thousand and fifteen dollars very much occupied in doing research and development regarding Identity and how. It must be managed. So if enough the diet since then we've created a company that's registered in the us. I we've put dealerships in the us. I as well as africa And what we as the work on us that the identity any business identity is evidence of the existence of a single real will give him being so treat an identity as evidence on a very high level and basically it's dream vets. We are at the moment. The identity management face.

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