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GONNA be fascinating but it's going to last for six months. Yeah that's Man I'm we have People be there with us to know like the culture and has speak being We'll just go arrested and have them help. Get One thing. We'll like. Yeah that won't happen. I'll order that not going to happen. I did the same thing I was like. Okay good so I'll take was you're having or wherever the best thing. Is that you just for me every time as this was looking. Abby is are looking back at me just like I'm looking at it. Yeah I've A. It's so weird because our exotic light we have have rocky mountain oysters. Yeah and stuff like that and then you hear what they have over there. You know maybe rocking on wisdom is not so bad not not so bad at all. Okay first of all they will hear If they if you're gonNA show night I talk about being in special. Ed announced the brightest guy ever and we went. Tell me about that by the way. Ah You've come I think. Did you sit com happy. Like you used a comedy dangled Sakano overcome that part of Your Life and you've just excelled so much at it. Then it's not even a thing anymore. Hobby Improv and comedy has been a big part of my life was a little kid. I had trouble speaking out stuff. And UH my brother's at four little brothers. Just grab whatever I wanted to learn how to really speak until your big four or five years old and Throughout life I would just Improv. The office I got through school I would read the back of the book. You know where exactly And so I I never really did that did when I got to my senior year I start finding humor and doing shows doing comedy and school. They do that thing where you don't do well in school. You're not going to be able to do these program right. Yeah you enjoy and that was actually what pushed me to Fight to actually try and boy was gonna be in Special Ed. I got normal applied this year. Yeah normal classes like my freshman year in college. That's what I did. I liked the approach. You said that you like Improv. The book I kid you not. I don't think I ever read a book in High School. I read very little my entire life but I have. I read a lot but novels. Just not my thing so when I was given given the assignment same thing skim through it and I'll just like come up with a whole story about the book I remember reading Prior to high was holes uh-huh. That's the only book I remember reading and then through ice whole story. I told it to brighter as I was supposed to. Read the book to Karate Kid doing a book report. I wrote movie in the book. Report Forty Times eight is like. I don't really think you read the House. I I liked the movie you want. Uh I don't know what to say. The movie was better than the book. Yeah man that's a thing you can so right. The movie necessarily my Improv skills. A lot service can be in the movie gas so few bluff it and you say sorry. Kids are watching this and Ula. Our attorney take tips and writing down right now. This is how I you did how watching movies I had a movie. I would write a few things out of it. What their names were how they dressed stuff like that way? You're giving the tips on how to cheat. Sheet the bus. Yeah all right do it again. I'll tell you my tech the doors to after movie. Read the back of the book right. If there is a movie you watched a movie toilet break down. Everybody's names you right. The main points because of main points Dow chains in a book. Right you I don't get to detail don't you don't get too detailed Kazaks Wayne Day star realizing like this way that happened in the movie nodding a blog. Because I'll tell right now. Your teacher also watched the movie correct. Karang get too detailed. You just write the main points and who the characters are and what they're that gets you a beer. See or name what did you. How'd you get a lot of bees? beat out get into the relationships. Relationships are always same. Same in the movie and the book because we'll talk about the characters relationship because they're changed the relationship they don't change and people will get angry. If you changed a relationship and a book the to the movie of you get mad. Yeah yes you're writing your you're right. I heard that sonic is new. Sonic will be coming out. That you said I saw the old Taylor and the new and the comments on it are so okay so the thing is is that the sonic the hedgehog movie is coming out. They created this sauna character. That looks a hundred percent like nothing like the guy in the game right. Yeah and so people went. Nuts wasn't a natural version of sonic at one time but it wasn't the part of the gate 'cause they need like more for something. Yeah I think that's what I thought like. There was an older version. So my son that exploited Dag. You don't understand. The movie movie came out was about to come out and everybody went so crazy about the way sonic lung they re the whole part of Sonic. It took like two more a years yet ambusher back far yet like almost two years he said now the little do looks just like the video game. Yeah which I who the right my whenever come up with a movie it looks nothing like the movie that you talked they write about. Yeah why would you create an and care about me. They used a blonde haired lady yet. Though I mean I I mean fun. They come in Bonn icy her point. Like why Ukrainian est you. You did that on your ears. There's movie and fasters in billion dollar companies that are like they stay nailed. It people are so angry with the trail right away. They were angry about the teeth to no matter like it. You can't give that animal right either. You're doing it like I like people. People get angry about that so they released a new trailer. Looks very much like the video game and Silas. Either I'm going to see it and you're gonNA yeah I'm GonNa Watch. It is so funny because I told you I used to work with with kids for a long time and at first before you got arrested for work. I'm just kidding comedy show. I don't work with kids anymore. It's okay I know but you You realize I before I started working with kids You don't see knows i. I wasn't watching those types of movies and then like when I start working with kids on my movies are actually really fun. I mean I don't know if I know you. You have cancer I have to kiss. My son likes big mouth which which to be is not. It's not very key children right now. It's a very adult cartoon. You're yet but I don't I still love. I just can't get into watching the cartoon kind of show I don't like that I don't Wanna I wanNA see real people here it is. I got your understand. The jokes are so funny. You know a lot of the people on the show. Why washing because my son now? All of a sudden like a comedy efficient Ottawa fourteen. He's like he watches every clip on instagram. He's a youtube like maniac. If there's there's something on Youtube which there is everything on Youtube that fixes something tells you something. My son is watching five times. He's Oh yeah. I watched it on Youtube. Let me show you how to do it. Do you get it I I realize like one stuff you can. Yeah you go down the whole like all of a sudden you start watching in which is another one on. Take Tom this with Phillipi. Dude you start watching take talks and you're you're you don't stop your so hooked yet you're in it. Just it's unbelievable. Unbelievable Ghanaian right. You think that people are not gonna like go create all this stuff on take talk. Just because they're like I spending time in their lives to make these little quick clips but then they make great stuff and I can't stop watching it It used to be like a lot like vine provide do. I use a young mind Burnham I used to love God was so great coaches similar genius by the way the thing is. I usually go to youtube to learn. Learn how to do stuff so like if something broke or instead of trying to pay for it to get fixed now invest my time in the Youtube but then I realized I ah was that say to me money. 'cause I you know you're taking you twice as long sheriff pause play pause play and for me. I'm a big believer that Mu- I time equals money. Your mean like i WanNa do a show and I keep telling my son that it's a hit show. We need to do it all the time. A spin off of the captain's log Carla Ala Youtube can do it you can doing. It is go every manet do on youtube cooking in the all the staff were just gotTa do it exactly like Youtube. Says it's so easy. I think that'd be a fun idea. There's a youtube.

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