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But to democracy itself. And you know, I had to go from holding up the west during all of democracy to defending the eastern wall of democracy to bouncing back here to try to save the Western Wall of democracy again. We barely did it, but now we have the crazy caucus running the House of Representatives. You know, and we're back to Donald, you know, I was on a forum yesterday on Twitter, or Twitter spaces. And it was crazy. It was crazy out of the 7000 people that were there listening or communicating on there. All the speakers were anti Ukraine, anti America, anti NATO and saying, you know, I spoke for three minutes out of the three hours that I was on there. And they were on for 13 hours. Aaron matte, Michael Tracy, all the, you know, Glenn greenwald, you know, disciples, Edward Snowden butt kissers. And they were just there to destroy it. And agreeing with everything the woman from, you know, Russian television set. Yeah. Disgraceful one here. And now we're all back to the beginning of it. Well, I'm telling you, you will be one of the, you know, just the heroes of this era in our history. I mean, but the plot to hack America and then the plot to hack democracy. I mean, you followed this whole storyline, you know, in terms of Russia and attacking not just America, but democracy around the world. And you're absolutely right. I don't know what we do about being traitors in our midst in this country. Do you? Well, well, all I can say is that we've got to ignore them and it's incumbent upon everybody to, you know what? Go out and get if you did not know what the Trump Russian scandal was about. I'm afraid to say it. Go buy plot to hack America. I read it again last year, and I was like, what was I on? My systems, my intelligence analysis systems were at 200%. I could see the entire pathway of it, and then three years later, the Mueller report confirms everything. But you have to understand that your opponents are out there. I had the attorney general of the United States have been pulled off air at MSNBC just before the Mueller report broke out. You know, and there are a lot of jealous journalists out there who they won't sing your praises, but you know, if you guys this stuff is good, go out and read it again. Plot to destroy democracy? That is real. It just doesn't end with the attack on Ukraine, but you can see it forming in that book. And let me beat you to a plug, which is hard to do. Malcolm dance, but your new book, they want to kill Americans is exactly what's happening. It's not just January 6th, which you also warned about before it happened. It's the ongoing coup, whether it's in the New Mexico or how about the fact that the people who tried to overthrow the government are now running it as you call the clown caucus in the Republican. So in that sense, the coup was successful. I mean, that's why there has got to be indictments and accountability. Technically, the coup the coup was successful. And the only thing it can help us is accountability through the attorney general. And I'm not holding my breath for that. You know, I'm up with Sarah kenzie or. I don't think it's going to happen in the way that will be pleased, but our people power at elections is what saves us. And you

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