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You? Thanks for listening to you must remember. Thus, today's episode was written edited and narrated by Karina Longworth. That's me. We had to special guests. Nate Demeo made his return as Charles Manson. You should listen to needs podcast. It's really good. It's called the memory palace and you can find it at the memory Palace dot US. And our second special guest was math Celinski who played at Mel Lyman Max works for a long form dot org which works to draw your attention to some of the best long-form journalism out there. And he also has a podcast on which he talks to some of the best, and most interesting journalists working today. You can find it at long form dot org For more information about this episode and other episodes. Please go to our website. You must remember this podcast dot com. You can follow the podcast on Twitter @ remember this. God and please rate review and subscribe to the show on I tunes or the podcast, your of your choice. We'll be back next week with a final episode in Charles Manson's Hollywood Join us, then, won't you night? The the. Man. The.

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