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Pacers get a really long rebound and get out a great fastbreak opportunity with the clock at about six seconds they even have time out but they didn't take it because they were wayahead changing into the floor faster than the hawks were in the rosal was a glenn robinson third wideopen 3point attempt in the left corner and he hit it at the buzzer for the game winner and the celtics blazers games trey lyles rebounds the ball right under the basket with four seconds to go so about ninety two feet from the other basket whilst makes the first mistake by handed the ball off the barton who's right next to him jamal murray was wide open at the three point breaking moving towards the knock it off it's a ban on the court while should've hit murray without outlets bath as barton's dribbling it up brassiere eventually covers murray but tori cragg gregor guy he views that you've lived in the drawing has to fit the plays year tori cragg is open and the left corner he's on the court because of its defense he's a thirty percent 3point shooter on 34 attempts in the nba this season in the g league he has been a thirty seven percent 3point shooter on more than seven attempts per game so if you get a guy like that wide open in the short corner you want that looked and i looked at the nba shot chart on cragg the 2 of 5 from the left corner so mistake by lyles a whose young he's play 3500 minutes emily emily veteran will barton cost the nuggets the chance to get a good book in a chance to tie the game a push it into overtime so greg i haven't been coaching for a number of years now you're still coaching w think our break that down a fairly well or did you have any another option reasons when you aback took a look at the end begging yaohua back today it took another look at the in the game just maitre my fax right a then right a timeout chose not to use it i don't understand that uh i think the tb display was wrong because i went back and looked at the play by play an eye on mba dot com when you look at the play i'll play it said the last time out the.

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