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Now. We've been talking about spiderman and I'm sure you've probably heard the rumors. But apparently either spiderman is to in some fashion making the parents and benham to spoiler alert. Fuck present spoiler now or the other rumors that have been in. Some fashion is going to appear in spiderman. Three but more. The rumors had been leaning towards the former being that in some fashion. They will be a spider man siding and bingham to What do you think about those rumors. And if so what fashioned do you think. Spiderman appears one. The prospect is excites me. Because that means that they're confident enough to setup venom three and then too. I believe that if he does appear it is for the entire value of count. It with me okay. can i count along with. This is gonna be count dracula from You know sesame street not a sponsor one scene still the one Not just the one if you couldn't get the fucking bit so yeah i think for one scene. I might see to one of peter parker in later. One of actual spidey the cool. I'd like that a lot if they want to. Pay tom hawn that much. You this with spiderman. Is it though. I think it could be andrus. Fuck you fuck you. Wow the book just got a lot. Thicker ooh yeah book. Just got home and it would have to be andrus or tom's right to potentially tom's i mean potentially either i would say fifty chance especially because of the. Yeah dude andrew. He only cheaper to pay. No offense andrew and the only reason i go with with angie's because obviously we know where peter's venom like peterson. Kill mine toby's like kill. You know with the tom holland was so vast it'd be it'd be interesting that been warned. Have any kind of you know citing or mentions of any of the superheroes when the live in the world is full of them and so we think about andrew garfield like his peter parker. His road was the smallest like we knew the least about the outside of his york city and what. His world contained So it could you know something like that Is it's hard to say though. I mean who knows There's there's a lot of different possibilities and I mean i gotta be honest at this point. I am so lost as to the relationship between marveling sony. You know there's rumors that Spiderman three be the last time hauling film That sony and and In marvel aren't really jones together anymore at who knows like Who knows I certainly don't but what i do know. Is that marvel dc disney and sony both really like money so they're gonna find a way to work it out esther.

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