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Yes now i i really i really like. I really liked this idea. I want to encourage you to put together a a shadow screen of greece to you can make little bags like they do have rocky horse. What would you throw it. The screen sure. I can come up with some stuff at some point. It'd be ketchup packs. the yeah. Yeah it'd be the part where she goes more. Catch up ketchup packets at the screen. That moment where she turns the burger and his kind of gesturing at him with the burger. And there's just catch up just dripping out of it goes out but also like all right. I i don't know why. But i've oh yeah. Let's sydney's burger seen that's my berger says so much ketchup in that burger that the michelle pfeiffer an eighth effort or It's funny because like i said the cast was really disappointed. Initially but it has gone on to like get a lot more love and maxwell caulfield said it surprised him how he seen. This sort of resurgence. And like re- watching it. A lot of the caspers said rewatching it. Later it's not a bad movie and they hate that. It felt that way at the time. But it's not a bad movie. it's just you know got compared to greece but but even michelle pfeiffer has is still sort of like Okay talk about that. And don't really have to. But i think it's great and i thank you both for talking about it and i i the only kind of movie i don't like watching his aboard movie and this movie was anything but it is i. This is no like this is not irony. I earnestly enjoy grease two. I would encourage you if you've never seen it. Just try it. There are worse ways to spend an hour and a half. And you know that's true and then you can say you did and if you don't like it you can say see. I knew i wouldn't like it and i was right. And if you do like it you can be pleasantly surprised. And if you to put on a screening of greece to the shadow cast. I think you should tweet at her. Or if you've written agrees to adapted for the stage please let me know writer. I would like to reproduce it with teenagers. In huntington west virginia well not actual teenagers right. I don't i guess not probably. Not if you want to look like the real booby. That can't be shocking. Twenty five to thirty five. I think you do it with old people. And i can be in it. That's my if you're the one you should do it. High high schooler stephanie's and oni -absolutely the entire cast. Where all push pushing forty taylor. What's next up next. I wanna talk about scott pilgrim. Vote the comic book and the movie. You know if you can you have a chance. Check out the comic book again. I think we've all read some of it. I've read all four. They're like seven of them. Yeah bare minimum. Read from the mall at some point. All right well we will check that out and And talk about that next week. Yeah all right well. Thank you both again Thank you listeners. You should go to maximum fund dot org and listen to all the wonderful podcast there Including goo factor self. Which i was on justin was on. And i got to talk to maxwell caulfield and you can hear me just like gasp and not say anything but hung over and over. I wish there was a screen shot of my face. No i'm glad there wasn't it was late. I was in my pajamas. Thank you You can tweet at us. I didn't say that buff. You can email still buffering. Maximum fun dot org and thank you to the novellas for our theme song. Baby changed ryan. This has been your cross generational guide to the culture that made us. I am riley smirl. I'm sydney maccarone. at taylorsville. i am still buffering. And i am us baby. A million way different degrees. That's about right. Hey i'm jordan morris creator of the max fund scripted scifi. Comedy podcast bubble. We just released a special episode of bubble to celebrate the launch of our new graphic novel at sf. Sketch fest in two thousand nineteen. We recorded a live show with. Allison becker elisa skinner. Mike mitchell christel alonzo and special guests.

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