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Some old oiler fans pride bothered at the front office the rest of i get it. But i don't think anybody maybe i'm wrong but i doubt that most people in this town notwithstanding the shawn watson unsettled situation root against players on this team fan but it sure makes it pretty easy to root against them with stuff like yesterday. I don't understand how you can't get it right once in a while when it comes to the pr machine pr and going to win games. As i said they're also not gonna lose them and it has nothing to do with the that they should get extra special treatment. I wouldn't give us x. special treatment. I wouldn't give us extra treatment at all unless you're on our station we're flagship and hopefully we get the interviews and people like we do in town but when it comes to the no special treatment but i also think there's the other side of it that almost trying to lock them out so they can't give you. They can't ride on what they see at practice. Borderline panic absurd delusional. I mean all those things come to mind and then they want you to support them when you can't see your no nothing about football team when they try to cancel you out three weeks beforehand. They always say what. All pubs good pub or no pub is bad pub. The bottom line is if you want a team to cover your team properly or a group of people to cover your team properly. Wouldn't you suggest that maybe trying to bide by what goes on media wise. It would help. Doesn't mean you have to give extra access just access when you're supposed to within the window and that wins late august so i don't know how big a deal local media made of it when they were there heard it but i would imagine. I talked to somebody who said it wasn't pretty with the disagreements over there and talked to somebody yesterday said it was not pretty so i don't know does it. Just add your guys discussed with what goes on the roll your eyes and it's par for the course said one three two one two five seven ninety or you like it's cool. Screw the media. Would they don't deserve any in any access or the fans to know even though they're legally by the collective bargaining or what about the College football but the nfl rules that they're allowed to show up. So did it bother you guys or is it just Whatever typical texans or both. It's just typical taxes at this point and to me. That's just what they do. They're trying to avoid a situation and they've got you know the i don't blame them for trying to hide what is going on over there because it's a stupid situation. It shouldn't be too sean. Near the whole thing shouldn't be where it is but they can't make the rules. They can't break the rules based on what the rules are. I don't understand the the reason for wanting to hide practice in general. I was here when gary kubiak would allow us to stand out there and watch every second of every practice in the weekdays during the season if they want to hide. Hide us from that. I guess that the media's reporting on anything that you that you're hiding for i'd never i will never get it. I don't know what you have to hide the video camera stuff. If a report goes out there and starts showing playbook stuff on wednesday during a game week regular season. I would get that if you wanna stay out longer. Don't don't put our practice on your camera. There's gotta be some protocol that all of a sudden you're putting it up and it's your red zone package. Hey did you see what happened. And next thing you know. And don't kid yourself coaches look for that everything. They're looking for every advantage and piece of paper they can get but just to go and observe as as a as a media person and i never understood why you'd want to alienate people. That are just trying to see what you're trying to do. Most media aren't going to go back and say. hey man. Did you see the running eleven personnel or twenty-one personnel and they got this curl flat combo down inside the eight yard line. and it's a runaway without verse. man man against jacksonville. That's gonna work right saying whip out most won't know what you're talking about just jargon and it's just white noise coming out and it's it's a foreign language that you've never studied so that allow media to watch it and listen. I'd get the to shawn watson things up an issue for everybody. I don't see how it's a major distraction for the players. They're playing and trying to make team. The distraction comes from 'cause yeah the media's gonna cover it as long as he's out there he's the biggest story in the national football league right now period so when you've got one of the five best assets the biggest story. Nobody knows what's going on legally other than those. They're smart attorneys. You got the best top five asset in the league. and there's no restrictions on him and he's the four string quarterback on a on a depth chart. He could playing if he wanted to. He doesn't wanna play apparently for them. And so that goes back to pre legal stuff and so you should have a plan knowing this all along. I would think that you're gonna get asked about it every day. Now they're going to ask twice as many questions about within the time period they have. Because well you try to pull the okeydoke on them and then you're going to have to answer them. I know that you during training camp be shield him from half an answer any questions. You didn't have to regular season. They've may very well have do. He's still in a uniform playing for them. Which more than likely it'll be happy. We'll happen meaning the texas and not playing but being here so maybe you should have the plan going in say. Here's the deal. If you don't wanna show up you can if you do then. You're probably not going to get a lot of work and we'll keep you on the training room if that's what you want otherwise if you are going to run him out there and he wants to be out there going through individual at some point in time you gotta treat like another player like a fourth string player probably is. You're still going to get asked me. It's like having on the other side. When tim tiba was that popular as the backup getting more questions in the star who's been to a pro bowler starter who knows going to be the starter and it's like man every day. Yeah every day you got him out of here. So we're we're gonna ask in a different way in a far better quarterback into shawn watson if he's out there on the field everybody's going to every every single day and it would be the same with all the stuff starting quarterbacks in the league if the situation were similar in another city always every day too big issue in cleveland baker mayfield dot playing in the first preseason. It shouldn't be a big issue. Because i don't need to see him in the first preseason game maybe not even the second a few in the third and get home. Let's go so But this is a whole different this is. We have never seen this in this city or in any other city. We're the best player on your team is under contract happily paid did not wanna play here in the off season because all the distrust all this before the legal the legal comes down. You're waiting on it but you still have and there's no there's no restrictions and it's like we don't know what to do. I almost feel like they were preparing for the nfl to make decision before this they didn't and so they're stuck have a lot of respect for anybody that has to go through this as an ownership front office and the rest of it. But there's gotta be a time when you're sitting down in front of fans or when you're sitting down in front of the media or in your own office saying okay. How would you handle this. Hey guys let's just cancel the rest training camp and get into regular season mode. That'll be the best way. Yup let's do it senate out tell the players and then all of a sudden oh by the way guys we did wrong thing. Check on rule it. Almost it almost matches what you feel like. The performance was going to be this year. And i'm rooting for their success. I'm rooting for david. Kelly success i think nick caserio is going to be great for this. I do think he's a great get but the communication problem. I i don't know.

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